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The Makeup Eraser


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You'll just have to try it to believe it! Imagine being able to remove your makeup without harsh cleansers, chemicals, or stringent solutions. The Makeup Eraser works like magic to effectively remove makeup - even waterproof eyeliner and mascara - by simply wetting the cloth with warm water. The cloth fibers are activated and swell to trap makeup into the cloth while still washing completely clean in the washing machine! The Makeup Eraser works so well, it even removes HD and longwearing makeup, and the stain-resistant cloth will last up to 1000 washes so you won't have to spend your dollars on special cleansers each month! Contains no added ingredients and is safe for use on all skin types. The Makeup Eraser - your all natural method of makeup removal!

  • Just add warm water
  • Lasts 1000 washes
  • Stain-resistant
  • Soft, plush material

**Please Note: CRC Makeup takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of product color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings. Actual product color may vary.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is one of the largest authorized dealers of Makeup Eraser products in the USA!

"So, my buyer Ally At Crc gives this (Makeup Eraser) to me to try, I laughed... Didn't think I would like it, it looked like a gimmick (over priced towel) to me. I don't carry anything at CRC that I believe is a waste of hard-earned money. I didn't feel like taking off my makeup at the moment so I figured I would just shoot the whole thing down without the hassle... so, I get a mascara and red lip stick, wipe them on a white rag, and allowed it to sit. I then wet the makeup remover towel and scrub a bit and guess what? mascara and lipstick, gone off the white rag... So I get on the phone and tell Ally to get them in the store. I still don't know how they work on the face but one is going in my kit for makeup on clothing . Don't ask me how it works but it's great for those emergency makeup on clothes situations, I assume it's great on the face,  I'll give that a try next. YES BUY AT LEAST ONE FOR YOUR KIT!"

 -CRC Owner and Founder, Mary Erickson

Available Colors:
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue


Don't get ripped off by eBay or Amazon resellers that sell knock-offs. We sell the real thing! 100% Authentic products guaranteed.