Victoria Duke Beauty

Victoria Duke Beauty - Dramatically Sexy Lips (Unflavored)

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Beauty Queen (DSL)
Icon (DSL)
Sex Symbol (DSL)
Hottie (DSL)
Temptress (DSL)
Flexappeal (DSL Bombshell)
Booty-Ful (DSL Bombshell)
Warrior (DSL Bombshell)
Champion (DSL Bombshell)
Victorious (DSL Bombshell)
Fit Chick (DSL Bombshell)
Knockout (DSL)
Siren (DSL)
Brick House (DSL)
Slay AllDay (DSL)




This lip-plumping lip gloss provides a layer of stunning gorgeous color while it also conditions, soothes and refreshes your lips. Contains a special 3D complex to give anyone a super-plumped up pout.

Why We Love It:

Highly pigmented, this gloss has staying power but it feels weightless on your lips, never sticky or tacky. Gorgeous shade range and endless options of customizable flavors have given this winner a cult following amongst top celebs and reigning beauty queens.

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