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Yaby Blush Palette

Sold Out

Refillable blush pre-set = full spectrum from timid to bold!

  • Streak free blush colors that can be built from sheer to full pigment.
  • Built in mirror finished stainless steel mixing palette on the inner lid (not a glass/plastic mirror).
  • Each color is housed in a 30mm heavy duty reusable metal pan.
  • Suggestion: sanitize empty pans with alcohol and keep some in your kit for special mixing needs.

Buy the refills HERE!


Palette layout:

 Blush out Loud
bl034 bl035 bl038
   bl014  bl009
bl005 bl019 bl031

Inner Glow
bl029 bl015 bl022
   bl012  bl001
bl023 bl011 bl017

Talc; Mica; Magnesium Stearate; Titanium Dioxide; Isopropyl Palmitate; Dimethicone; Methylparaben; Propylparaben; BHT.

May Contain: Mica; Titanium Dioxide; Iron Oxides; Ultramarine Blue; D&C Red #7 Ca Lake, D&C Red #27 Al Lake; FD&C Red #40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow #5 Al Lake.

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