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  • Yaby Mini Lip Color Pre-Set Palette - MUCH (Pinks) | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 2
  • Yaby Mini Lip Color Pre-Set Palette - The 501 ( Reds) | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 5
  • Yaby Mini Lip Color Pre-Set Palette - West Queen West (Corals) | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 6

Yaby Mini Lip Color Pre-Set Palette (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)


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Yaby's Mini Lip Color Pre-Set Palettes are just the right size for toting around in your kit or purse! With 4 color themes to choose from, these lipsticks go to work for you with high pigment concentration and a formula that stays put throughout your special occasion or photo shoot. Housed in an adorable miniature compact with a built-in mirror, these little guys are also completely refillable with any Yaby lip color pan AND 100% stackable! Each palette includes 4 corresponding colors.

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**Please Note: CRC Makeup takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of the product's color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings. Actual product color may vary.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is an authorized dealer of Yaby within the USA!

Dreaming of more space in your kit? So was Liz Yu, a makeup artist based out of Canada, when she exhausted every homemade attempt to condense her ever-increasing kit into a more practical, efficient version. Yaby's line of completely refillable, concentrated color palettes was born, and along with it the freedom to customize any Yaby palette with any corresponding Yaby color. Every Yaby shade is available in a refill, which not only answers the cry of every working makeup artist who has ever had a favorite color - it simultaneously reduces the amount of cosmetic waste in the environment! But that's hardly the best part; not to be underestimated by the modest packaging, Yaby's concentrated formulas build vibrantly for payoff that packs a real punch. Truly, the best things do come in small packages! Set in durable pans that resist warping.

 Available Palettes:

  • MUCH (Pinks)
  • Parkdale (Neutrals)
  • The 501 (Reds)
  • West Queen West (Corals)

Pan Size/Weight: 0.75mm. / 3.5gm.
Palette measures 2.13" x 2"


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