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Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner

Our Price: $9.00

Ben Nye's Cake Eye Liner allows you to achieve a clean edge and precise, delicate lining every time!  More forgiving and softer than liquid eyeliner, this product is great for those who want to practice application with a steady hand!  Simply dip a wet brush of your choice into the cake liner and stir into a creamy, rich consistency for bold, definite color!  May also be used with LiquiSet as an activating agent instead of water for longer lasting wear.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Dark Brown
  • Eggplant
  • Electric Blue
  • Taupe
  • White

*Packaging may vary

Weight: 0.07oz / 2gm.  Yield 50-200 applications.

**Please Note: CRC takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of product color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings.  Actual product color may vary.

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Review: Ben Nye' Cake Eyeliner ()
  • Review: Ben Nye' Cake Eyeliner

Talc, Propylene Glycol, CL No. 7704 (Kaolin), PEG-8, PVP, Choleth-24, Ceteth-24, Emulsifying wax, Phenoxyethanol

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  1. Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2015

    This item is exactly what I wanted :D

  2. Just ok

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2014

    The cake eye liner alone it is just average. I bought the black and it wasn't very dark. It didn't even last the 6 hours that I am in school, it faded quickly. I tried it with both wet and dry. Another reviewer recommended mixing it with Ben Nye Liquiset. Once I did that, this became a much better eyeliner. It's a little messy when you are mixing but it does make the color more vivid and last a little longer.


    Posted by Unknown on Nov 13th 2014

    I purchased black, dark brown, brown and eggplant, and I experimented with a few different methods for using this product. The simplest method is really just to dampen your brush and swirl it around until you build up a smooth, creamy sample for your application. At first, I tried using two different eyeliner sealers for mixing, but the product applied very sheer. I also tried a simple mixing medium of water and glycerin, with the same result. Just using water, the application is smooth and opaque. You can mix the colors for customization. To make it water proof after the application, I put a drop of eyeliner sealer on my brush and apply over top. It becomes completely immovable all day.

  4. Does not stay on

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 5th 2014

    I didn't like this product for a few reasons - it did not stay on at all and it was extremely light - this is not a dark eyeshadow

  5. hard to find cake eyeliner

    Posted by BB on Sep 8th 2014

    The product is nice, but it is easily removed. I got hit by a raindrop, and half my eyeliner was gone on my one eye. I have sensitive eyes, and the formula doesn't bother me a bit. I wish it had a little more staying power.

  6. Awesome eyeliner!!!!!

    Posted by Lacey on Jul 18th 2014

    I wanted something that was gonna be easily applied but softer then a pencil liner and this is it!!!! So easy to apply and looks beautiful on!!! I bought 3 different colors and I am sure I'll want more! Great product!

  7. Great product

    Posted by Charissa Farley on Jul 11th 2014

    Applys with water beautifully and lasts all day even in the smeltering heat!! The water and brush can control the density of the pigment and the width of the line. The eggplan color is a perfect brown/purple tone when applied to to make my green eyes pop but not look overdone for daytime. Doesn't dry out and get cakey like gel/creme. Small packaging makes it great for travel or taking with you. I ned it in every color!! Fantastic.

  8. great performance

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 6th 2014

    I bought all colors. You can mix many shades together to achieve just the perfect tone (of brown/blacks in particular) for every client/style. Doesn't seems to flake, and not terrible with tears/sweating. A must have in a make up kit! Doesn't dry out like liquids and gels!

  9. Best long-lasting eyeliner ever!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 27th 2014

    I have oily skin and most eyeliners, even waterproof, never last. This does!

  10. Glad to have found a quality eyeliner.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2014

    I've only used it once but see that the eyeliner is nicely pigmented. Many years ago I had a cake eyeliner and was happy to have found this one one. Since this eyeliner can be applied with water, then it can easily be removed with water. I might have to try one of the products that will help the liner stay put if I plan on swimming in full makeup ;)

  11. Excellent eyeliner!

    Posted by Nancy on Jun 20th 2014

    I really like this eyeliner, and the smooth way it goes on. It's so much easier to us than those horrible liquid eyeliners, or the 'gel' liners. The only complaint is that it comes off too easily. My eyes tend to water when I'm outdoors, and the eyeliner comes off very easily. I'm older, so don't like a harsh line. I use the 'brown' and really like the color. I also have taupe and eggplant, and it's fun to play with those, too.

  12. Does not stay on

    Posted by Dena on May 18th 2014

    This eyeliner is very easy to apply. It doesn't stay on all day though.

  13. Very smooth and pigmented

    Posted by Kenn Makeover on Apr 11th 2014

    I love the black cake eyeliner .. Very black and smooth , easy to apply . Love it

  14. Very Pigmented

    Posted by Kenn MakeOver on Mar 23rd 2014

    I do love this eyeliner on my client because it really last and easy to applied , I mix with Ben Nye sealer and the result came out awesome !!! I will never and ever worry my eyeliner dry out again .

  15. love it

    Posted by Florence on Mar 11th 2014

    I was afraid I would not be able to replace my old cake eyeliner-so glad I found CRC -this eyeliner has lots of pigment as is easy to use

  16. Versatile, easy, long-lasting

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 7th 2014

    I love eyeliner, and Ben Nye cake liners are my staples. I can create any style and count on them to look great.

  17. New Favourite!!

    Posted by Nancy'] on Aug 11th 2013

    Love this Ben Nye cake eye liner! So versatile--thin and demure or thick and dramatic, this product does it all. You have total control of your look. I have never liked liquid liner and always had to experiment with black eye shadows to try and use them for liner. A lot of them don't mix well with water, lol, so I've wasted tons of money in my search. This product may take a bit of experiment for people who never mixed their own eye liner, but it's totally worth the time spent experimenting to find the perfect mix. Wears well and works great with contact lenses...HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  18. Great

    Posted by D'arcy on Aug 10th 2013

    been using this cake liner for a while and love it. It's very smooth in it's application and doesn't dry up!

  19. Top Notch!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 5th 2013

    This Cake Eye Liner gives you superior control compared to that of a pencil. It also lasts forever! Great price and fast shipping as well! Thanks CRC!

  20. Delighted!!

    Posted by Unknown on May 8th 2013

    I have been using cake eyeliner for thirty-five years. When my last cake ran out, I was afraid I could not replace it because I hadn't found it in the stores. I am DeLIGHTed with this product! It is priced right and works perfectly. You have perfect control over the line, as thin or as thick as you please, smooth, solid, and stays on until you take it off... then comes off easily! I could not ask for more. Highly recommend!

  21. wont dry up like gel eye liners!!!

    Posted by CHRISSY on May 3rd 2013

    This product last forever and is a very deep black just dip ur brush in a little water an tah-dah...a beautiful cat eye! Great for all skin tone I have medium deep skin tone...MAC NC 45 to be exact...works great!

  22. Addicted!

    Posted by Shana on Mar 28th 2013

    I am an avid liquid liner lover. I used to use cake liners in the past. I was very excited to see options for the cake liners especially in plum. I will be placing another order soon for more colors. I use it with a mix medium from another cosmetic line and get an amazing, smooth flawless application.

  23. Great eye liner!!!

    Posted by Joanne on Feb 18th 2013

    Thank goodness I found this eyeliner. Nothing else on the market comes close to pleasing me.
    I have been using this eyeliner for several years. I love it, especially varing the colors depending on my outfit, mood, etc. It's more important to me than any other part of my makeup regime.
    I am over 70; therefore going out in public on every day errands, I can get by with the just the eyeliner and some lipstick. Far superior than an eyeliner pencil.
    I cannot add anything more than the other glowing reports in these reviews.

  24. The best eyeliner

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 19th 2012

    I have tried many eyeliners but this is by far the best! Much more pigmented than high end brands such as MAC. You definitely have to try it a couple of times to get the right consistency and application.

  25. Perfect cake eyeliner

    Posted by Franci on Nov 9th 2012

    This is by far the best cake eyeliner out there. It stays on all day without smudging but is also very easy to wash off. You can't beat the price and the color selection is great. I have the brown and eggplant and love both of them. I wear contacts and some products both my eyes, not this eyeliner. It goes on really easy with a brush, perfect consistency and will last a very long time. If you like cake eyeliner, you won't be disappointed with Ben Nye eyeliner!

  26. OK!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 18th 2012

    Trying to replace my old cake liner. This one did not make the cut! It is more a gray color than a dark blk! After wearing it for a couple of hrs it chips off!

  27. great liner

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 13th 2012

    I used these with Ben Nye liquiset and it came out looking just like a liquid liner. Only you don't have to worry about the product drying up on you. I use the black to line inside my lash line, and the charcoal to line just above. Beautiful and doesn't look too stark.

  28. HG Eyeliner

    Posted by xxbetsy on Jul 15th 2012

    I bought the black and eggplant cake liner along with Ben Nye Liquiset (all from CRC). The black is a matte black and the eggplant is a purple with a reddish tint.

    - Control: You can use this to make everything from delicate to dramatic looks. You can adjust the amount of liquid to change the pigmentation (it is very very pigmented).
    - Longevity: With Liquiset, it lasts all day, even with my oily lids. There is absolutely no creasing or smudging through 14+ hour days.
    - Ease of use: It takes a minimal amount of practice to work out how to best use water/liquiset to make the line you require with the least amount of mess. After that, it's as easy as can be. There's rarely a need to go over your line again, application is smooth, touching up is simple with a gentle eye makeup remover and Q-tip.
    - Value for money: Each use makes the smallest of dents, so I envision that this will last me for years of daily use. It's not going to dry out as a liquid or gel liner might.
    - No irritation: I have quite sensitive eyes and eyelids and I've yet to experience even the slightest irritation.

    Cons: These really aren't cons to me, but they may influence some people
    - Portability: It's less convenient to carry around than a pencil, but if you're happy to use water instead of a sealant, then it's reasonable.
    - Availability in Australia: As far as I know, it's significantly cheaper to buy from CRC and pay for shipping than to buy it here. CRC was prompt and reliable.

  29. Extremely pleased!

    Posted by Constance Muller on Jun 1st 2012

    While an online search for black cake mascara I discovered CRC. Both my mother and I purchased the La Femme brand of mascara and decided to also try the Ben Ney cake eyeliner. We are extremely pleased with both. The amazing thing about cake eyeliner and mascara, is that you have total control in applying it, meaning the amount of water you use makes the product thin or thick. For both my mother and myself, it is far superior to what you can buy over the counter. I am not a professional makeup artist, but an a woman who likes using makeup subtlety to extenuate the positive.
    Thank you CRC!
    Constance Muller

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