What Does It Mean to Be Camera Ready?

Although we are proud to offer the best makeup brands to a talented community of makeup artists and makeup lovers, we go beyond just providing a curated selection of makeup to help you look and feel your best - whether you're in front of the camera or not! Our product offering and expertise expand into hair care, skincare, tools, and more!

At Camera Ready, we are a collective of hair care, skincare, and beauty experts that are here to help you look and feel your best! We recognize that a lot of folks expect that we think being Camera Ready means wearing a full face of makeup, but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

How We Help You Get Camera Ready

Get ready for the fun to begin! Each week, we'll be tackling topics like how to get Camera Ready for events,

Why Being Camera Ready Goes Beyond Big Events

Why Being Camera Ready Goes Beyond Big Events

Gone are the days where cameras were solely used to capture big events or to commemorate a milestone. Now, more than ever, we are surrounded by cameras, technology, and other ways to connect face-to-face with others. It could be a big meeting you're hosting remotely via a video conference, a group selfie with friends that's uploaded to social media, or even a quick FaceTime call with your best friend.

We're living in a very connected world where you can see others (and be seen) no matter how far away you are. No, you don't need makeup or perfectly styled hair to look your best, but if you do want to use a product to help get ready for that moment, you can trust the brands we offer because we go the extra mile and personally test them before we add brands to our Camera Ready Family. If it's not something that gives us an extra healthy glow, improves our skin's condition, has our hair looking better than ever, or doesn't get us excited to show it off to others, we won't carry it.

What does it mean to be Camera Ready

What We Do to Help You Feel Camera Ready

Aside from curating professional-grade and high-performing makeup, hair care, skincare, and tools, we also have a team of makeup artists, skincare experts, and hair care experts to answer your questions about products, techniques, and more! At Camera Ready, you can email one-on-one with one of our dedicated experts or even request a tutorial - we've even tackled real customer questions on our Camera Ready LIVE Instagram live event series or in our blogs.

At Camera Ready, our makeup, skincare, and hair care experts are here to help. Here are a few of the topics we have assisted our community with the most:

For Makeup Lovers:

  • How to create the perfect skincare routine for your personal needs
  • How to find the perfect hair care routine
  • How to pick the perfect foundation for your skin type
  • How to pick the perfect tools for makeup application
  • How to layer skincare or address skincare concerns
  • How to set your makeup so it lasts longer
  • How to switch up your hair care and skincare routine for seasonal changes

For Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, & Estheticians:

  • How to build your kit as a makeup artist
  • How to downsize and streamline your makeup kit
  • How to apply makeup for print, film, digital, or other mediums
  • How to apply makeup for stage and theater performances
  • How to file your taxes as a makeup artist
  • How to determine which hair styling products to keep stocked in your kit
  • How to switch up the skin prep products in your kit for different seasons
  • How to work with clients with different skin types and textures

If you have a question for our team, simply click here to send them an email! We're here to help YOU be Camera Ready!

Our Camera Ready Experts

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