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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make changes to my Auto-Replenish subscription?

You’re able to update the frequency, cancel, or edit your subscription by logging into your Camera Ready Account, and selecting the “Manage Subscription” tab under your account details. Once you’re there, you have full access to update your Native Subscription until your heart is content.
Is there a cutoff date to make updates to my Auto Replenish subscriptions?
Yes! You’re able to make any updates, changes, or cancelations to your auto-replenish before your next order date. You can find this in your account, under “Manage Subscriptions”
You must receive your first Subscription Replenishment Order before making any changes/cancellations! You will be unable to make any edits prior to the delivery of your first replenishment.
Will I receive a notification before my subscription ships so I can add to my order or change it?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation reminding you before it ships.
When will my Auto Replenish subscription be delivered?
The frequency you had selected upon subscribing is when the auto-replenish will occur. (Weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc.)


Can I return items from my Auto Replenish subscription?

Of course! Either visit our Returns Portal here or email us for assistance.


What happens if my address changes?

Simply log in to your Camera Ready account, and under “My Account” you’ll see your account details and the option to edit/manage anything that needs to be changed! You can also always shoot us an email at with your new address, we’re happy to help!


Can I redeem a promo code or other offer with my Auto Replenish subscription?

Sadly, no. Promo codes or discounts are ineligible on subscription products, as they are already discounted.


Can I add items that are not part of my Auto Replenish subscriptions to my upcoming shipment?

Unfortunately not, however, you are free to place a new order containing the products you do not want to be reoccurring.

If you have any trouble accessing your subscription, feel free to reach out to us at - we’re here & happy to help!


I'm a PRO Customer, can I sign up for a subscription to enjoy additional savings?

Unfortunately, no, the Auto Replenish subscription program is for non-PRO Customers to allow them to enjoy some of the savings you already receive with your PRO Discount. If you're a professional makeup artist or stylist and want to learn more about our PRO Discount Program, click here.


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