Make-Up Atelier

Make-Up Atelier Mini Waterproof Foundation Beige 5ml

Select a Color
Pale Beige FLW1B
Clear Beige FLW2B
Natural Beige FLW3B
Pale Beige FLW1NB
Clear Beige FLW2NB
Ultra Beige Nude FLW3NB
Gilded Beige FLW4NB
Honey Beige FLW5NB
Tan Beige FLW6NB




Resistant to perspiration, tears and sebum thanks to a specific treatment of pigments, the Fluid Foundation Waterproof is one of their most wanted product among makeup professionals. Formula "Oil free" non-comedogenic, it allows a natural and comfortable makeup for a unified skin and a natural complexion. Mask imperfections and unifies the skin texture. Years of research to create the ultimate formula for this long-lasting foundation. The volatile oils and the silicone gel used in its formula absorb sebum and matify the skin for a covering foundation without the effect of overload.

Size: 5ml

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