Bodypaint is having a big moment in the world of makeup artistry. A craft that once saw short-lived moments of fame during Halloween and festival season has now transitioned into a globally renowned art form.

We’re not talking simple face paint techniques. We’re talking over-the-top, insanely brilliant art.

From optical illusionists to UV masterminds, we admire these bodypaint artists for the creativity they inspire. Follow their Instagram accounts for daily inspiration, amazement, and totally mind-blowing body art.

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Mimi Choi

Instagram: @mimles

Followers: 916,000

A quick scroll through Mimi Choi’s Instagram will leave you in a state of wonder and confusion. Born in China, the talented makeup artist made her way to Canada where she now shares her unique artistic style with students of Blanche Macdonald, in addition to leading masterclasses around the world.

Mimi draws inspiration from the patterns, shapes and textures around her, surrealist paintings, and hallucinations she sees during bouts of sleep paralysis. Mimi prefers not to view the work of modern-day makeup artists in an effort to protect her creativity. Instead, she references past works to track her growth as an artist.

Learn more about Mimi’s work here.

Alexa Meade

Instagram: @alexameadeart

Followers: 191,000

At first glance, Alexa Meade’s work looks like a beautiful, museum-worthy painting. Look a little closer, and you’ll notice she’s created something even more impressive. The visionary artist brings 2D and 3D together to create living, breathing portraits.

Alexa has made a name for herself through art, completing hundreds of unbelievable projects around the globe. More recently, you may have noticed her work in the “God Is A Woman” music video. Alexa painted Ariana Grande’s body for the project.

Learn more about Alexa’s work here.

Natalie Fletcher

Instagram: @nataliefletcherart

Followers: 73,800

Artist Natalie Fletcher discovered a passion for bodypainting at just 15 years old – the early beginnings of a successful career ahead. Fast forward years later, Natalie is the winner of GSN’s reality television series Skin Wars and author of Oh Beautiful, a bodypainting project that resulted in 102 body art paintings in locations across the United States.

Natalie’s work incorporates patterns, landscapes and optical illusions that truly amaze. Learn more about Natalie’s work here.

Trina Merry

Instagram: @trinamerry

Followers: 9,500

Bodypainter Trina Merry takes her unique, artistic interests (human form, architecture, landscapes) and fuses them together as inspiration for her work. Her work has been featured in locations all around the world, as well as notable publications like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME and more.

Learn more about Trina’s work here.

Johannes Stötter

Instagram: @johannesstoetter

Followers: 3,500

Italian artist Johannes Stötter leaped into fame in 2013 with his viral bodypaint creation of tropical frogs, featuring five models. His Italian roots have instilled a deep appreciation for nature, landscape and culture, which noticeably influences his work.

Johannes’ work has been featured on CNN, BBC, CBS and numerous other television programs and media publications. Learn more about Johannes’ work here.

John Allen Poppleton

Instagram: @underblacklight

Followers: 2,500

Professional artist John Allen Poppleton calls himself a Fine Art UV Body Paint and Photography Artist. But a simpler way to classify this world-renowned mastermind is: Brilliant Visionary. John mixes a passion for black lit photography with his talent for UV bodypainting to create unique pieces of art, painted directly on the human body.

Learn more about John’s work here.

Andy Golub

Instagram: @andygolub

Followers: 2,200

World-renowned body paint artist Andy Golub not only changed New York City nudity laws through his work but also paved the way for artistic free expression. As founder of Human Connection Arts - an international non-profit - and supporter of public art, Andy’s work is frequently showcased around the world.

Learn more about Andy’s work here.

Emma Fay

Instagram: @emmafayofficial

Followers: 1,800

Accomplished bodypainting artist Emma Fay focuses on artworks that challenge visual perception. Her manipulation of the human form is heavily inspired by evolution, surrealism and symbolic expressionism. Her viral series Marvels of Nature featured painted images of animal forms that were heavily distorted through contortionism. Her work has been featured worldwide in top publications that include The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

Learn more about Emma’s work here.

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