Poll: Ben Nye Final Seal vs PPI Blue Marble SeLr Setting Spray

Let's have a friendly debate:

Final Seal or Marble SeLr? 

Both are awesome. Both are formulated for professional makeup artists to help lock in makeup for maximum longevity. Whether you're doing a Red Carpet event or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which of these setting sprays is your go-to? 

Imagine this: Your day starts off with a twerking contest, the following hour you go on a brisk walk around the mall, then a zombie apocalypse begins. You need your makeup to survive all of this. Pick your potion.

Ben Nye Final Seal
PPI Blue Marble SeLr 
- Smudge-proof 
- Waterproof
- Matte Finish 
- Minty
- Best for Oily Skin/ Combo
- Waterproof
- Sensitive skin
- Unscented 
-Semi- Matte Finish
If You Could Only Choose One Of These Holy Grail Setting Sprays...Which Would It Be? 
Ben Nye Final Seal
PPI Blue Marble SeLr

Stay Tuned! Your Winning Choice Will Go On Sale Next Week.

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