During the first two weeks of December, Camera Ready Cosmetics is a drop-off location for its local chapter of “Toys for Tots,” giving employees, local shoppers and businesses an opportunity to ensure that no child is forgotten this holiday season. After celebrating Black Friday success, employees of Camera Ready Cosmetics are actively engaging in the company’s tradition of charity through donations of clothing, toys and food to its community.    



The Dallas-based company is beginning a new tradition of charitable donations. Following their previous donations in the spring and summer of this year, employees have started reaching out to neighboring businesses and encouraging them to bring in new, unwrapped toys to the donation box located in their lobby. The employees of Camera Ready Cosmetics are also cleaning out their closets for a company-wide clothing donation in which all collected items will be donated to Dallas Life Homeless Shelter, a shelter designed to create new lives for the local homeless population.



Earlier this year, the company excitedly donated to two shelters: the North Texas Food Bank received over three large boxes, containing over 200 food donations, and Operation Kindness Animal Shelter was given a sizable amount of pet foods. “We held a competition to see which department could bring in the most,” said Christina Flores, current Camera Ready Cosmetics HR Director, when asked about the company’s past donations. “Our employees really stepped up and went head-to-head. I couldn’t believe what we were able to donate and it’s something that we wanted to bring back this holiday season.” After relocating from San Diego, California, just one year ago, the company has experienced a warm welcome from the local Texas community. Camera Ready Cosmetics is glad to show its gratitude by giving back and hopes to keep up the tradition for years to come.

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