Social Media has made it possible for makeup artists and influencers alike to build massive audiences and brand themselves to anyone with a smartphone. Ariel Diaz is proof of this; his bold makeup and his ability to consistently bring life to celeb-inspired looks has garnered Diaz a following of over 500 thousand followers through the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram. Get to know the social media star dubbed the "Cosmetic Illusionist" himself in our Makeup Artist Chat. 

How did you get the name "Cosmetic Illusionist"? Is there a story to tell?

Not really much of a story there. I chose the name because of some comments I was getting, saying I was creating “Illusions” and it kind of stuck with me, something a little different in the sea of MUA's!

Cosmetics have been typically viewed as a “woman thing.” Now, however, there is a growing trend among men also using products to enhance their appearance. What is your take on this?

Historically, men have worn makeup since the Egyptian times, and I love that it's making a much more modern comeback! With the disillusion of social constructs and the barriers of the gender being blurred lately, more people get to express themselves and I believe that’s a beautiful thing amongst everyone!

You're looking at a makeup ad in a magazine, what gets your attention?

Honestly, when I’m going through magazines, I love to see women in makeup that look like they have nothing on. I believe creating a look where you can’t tell the person is wearing makeup is truly a testament to how talented the makeup artist is! That being said, I love avant-garde makeup as well. I have bought every Vogue September issue since as long as I can remember.

Who are some of the people that have inspired you throughout your career?

I’m an all around artist, so all facets of art inspire me. My favorite makeup artists are Pat McGrath, Mathu Andersen, Mario Dedivanovic, Kevyn Aucoin, Sam Chapman and Alex Box.

How many looks do you create every week on average? How long does it take you?

I can do up to 15 looks a week if I’m inspired, but I usually average around 5-7. For an average beauty look, it usually takes me around an hour; for something extremely intricate it can take up to 6 hours, maybe more.

What is your favorite part about inspiring others?

Just exchanging ideas and constructive criticism is so great. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and there are bloggers who started their careers following my work. When I meet them and hear their stories, it’s just an unmatched experience!

Which look do you feel would be the most challenging to recreate?

My most challenging looks are the ones where I do complete characters; clothing and makeup. It’s a little tougher, because unlike something originally created by you, it's open to interpretation.


Every big influencer has a name for their followers. What do you call yours?


What is your dream makeup job?

Doing Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé or Lady Gaga’s makeup would probably make my life complete!

Three makeup items you can't leave home without?

I don’t really wear makeup out on a daily basis, but if I am wearing it to an event, either a red tinted lip balm or some liquid lipstick is a must, as well as some pressed powder and a lip liner.



Ariel Diaz continues to inspire lovers of makeup to push boundaries, try out daring looks, and pave a path of their own regardless of standards set by society. Make sure to check out Ariel Diaz on Instagram @theevanitydiary.

All images courtesy of Ariel Diaz.


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