Pati Dubroff is one of the most sought out after and well respected talents in Hollywood. Dubroff’s work has graced the covers of Elle, Glamour, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few. The industry pro chatted with us about her experiences in our latest Makeup Artist Chat.



If you could go back in time to your very first shoot, what advice would you give to your former self?
I think back then I thought that more makeup was better. I've now learned that less is definitely more. 


You’ve had the opportunity of working with some of the top names in Hollywood. With a jet-set lifestyle, what keeps you grounded?


Meditation, working out, spending time in nature and family are super important to me. 


Pati Dubroff Makeup Artist Chat, Kirsten Dunst

When your career launched, becoming a makeup artist was somewhat of a novelty. Now that the demand for makeup artistry has exploded, what advice would you give an aspiring artist trying to set themselves apart from the crowd?


I would say to be careful with falling into the YouTube and Instagram traps because I believe that could have a short shelf life. I would advise someone to look to working makeup artists in Hollywood and in fashion instead of Instafame artists.


Pati Dubroff Makeup Artist Chat, Rosie Huntington for Naj Jamai

We know you’re all about beautiful skin. Any tips on how to ensure skin is always Camera Ready?


Encouraging people to cleanse well at night no matter how tired they are. I also like to prep skin with a good sheet mask to give the skin some plump and glow. I feel this is a great way to hydrate instead of using a heavy moisturizer. I also recommend prepping the skin with a light primer to ensure the center of the face is Matte and appears pore-less.


With social media and technology evolving, how has the industry changed since you’ve started out?


A positive aspect of social media is that there is now a broad platform on which to proudly show your work. The downside is that there is a lot of photo manipulation that goes on with social media, so there's the risk that you’re seeing a misrepresentation of someone’s talents. 

 Pati Dubroff Makeup Artist Chat, Kate Bosworth

What drives you – is there something specific that keeps you going?


I love when a woman looks in the mirror, smiles, does a little shimmy dance and feels beautiful. That never gets old. 


What was your defining moment as an artist-the moment when you thought to yourself “I’ve made it”?


Marie Claire Magazine just held the Image Makers Awards, and honored me with the title of Icon Makeup Artist. It was hugely flattering.


 Pati Dubroff Makeup Artist Chat, Anne Hathaway, Bolon Campaign

Everyone who has seen great success has someone they look up to. Who was that one person for you?


Christy Turlington has been a constant inspiration for me professionally and personally. Her use of her good fortune and success in the realms of giving back are aspirational.  


With a largely successful career, are there any mantras you live by?


Humility and respecting others is important no matter how successful (or not yet successful) you think you are.


We all know how transformative the power of makeup can be. What is your beauty philosophy?
Healthy skin should never be masked, only slightly enhanced as needed. When the skin looks beautiful and real you can play up or down any feature and not look overdone. 


Working long hours with A-List celebrities is not for the faint at heart. How do you mentally prepare for it?


It's not about being mentally prepared it's about being physically prepared.  Exercise, sleep, healthy diet and a positive frame of mind prepare you for any situation. 


Pati Dubroff Makeup Artist Chat - Charlize Theron

Have you had any freak-out red carpet mistakes?
Yes, one time a false eyelash came loose and thankfully there was a cosmetic store near the carpet that I ran into to get some glue to try to fix it on the sly, in public. It was one of the more stressful events in my professional life. 


All images courtesy of Pati Dubroff


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