Our most popular category during our Instagram Poll was foundation, and the winner won by a landslide. Liquid foundation received an impressive 91% of your votes!

Our four featured makeup artists each selected some of their favorite foundations and let us know why they love them!

Kristen Baumeister @kristen.b.artistry

When it comes to foundation, Kristen's favorite is Joe Blasco Ultrabase. This ultra pigmented foundation gained extra fame last year when Kim Kardashian named it her favorite foundation.

"A little goes a long way, and it covers the skin beautifully!"

Leslie Hernandez @leslie_makeup

Leslie's favorite non-powder foundation is RCMA Cream Foundation.

"It adds a lot of coverage very fast and is great for tv and photoshoots when the job is fast paced. It never looks heavy on the skin, and I can also sheer it down for lighter coverage."

Image courtesy of Leslie Hernandez

Marcela Tobar @mtmakeup1

Marcela's favorite foundation is Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover.

"I love how Vision Cream Cover looks on the skin. It performs well for my clients both for photoshoots and bridal."

Sophia Nawabi @makeupandhair_sophianawabi

One of Sophia's favorite foundations is TEMPTU Pro SB Airbrush Foundation.

"I love this for my brides mostly who want a long-lasting, all-day, sweat-proof and waterproof finish without looking cakey or heavy, and I can control very well if I need more coverage."

Photo courtesy of Sophia Nawabi, Model Ariana Sapp, Photo Jen Christo

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