Camera Ready Cosmetics kicked off this holiday season by starting its Black Friday sales early, resulting in record breaking sales numbers. The sale started on Tuesday, November 22nd and ran through Saturday, November 26th. Customers received 20% off everything in the store in addition to the Pro discounts that are offered to professional makeup artists.

Camera Ready Cosmetics decided to ease the frenzy of the Black Friday rush by spreading the sale over multiple days. When asked about the early and extended sale CEO Mary Erickson said, "I wanted to give our customers a chance to spend time with their families during the holidays, without the pressure of one-day shopping for deals. Shopping should be fun! It's not a contact sport or a competitive sport." This decision benefited the Dallas-based company with record breaking sales that lasted for five full days, resulting in sales that were four times higher than last year's record. Not only did the company gain from this success financially, it rapidly increased Camera Ready Cosmetics' global web rankings to numbers never seen before in the professional makeup industry according to Alexa, a highly-reliable internet traffic analytics provider.

Erickson concluded with "I didn't expect this to be as successful as it was. I just wanted to make life easier for the customer. I owe this year's success not only to our loyal customers but also the hard-working team behind Camera Ready Cosmetics. They are working hard to make sure our customers' packages are getting shipped out in a timely manner, even with the huge surge in orders." Erickson is often quoted saying, "In my opinion, we have the best team in the industry. This company would be nothing without the passionate team who are 100% behind this company."

When asked if this upward trend in sales would ever end, Erickson replied "Every year I assume we've hit a peak and that sales will even out. Every year I'm wrong, and that's one thing I'm pleased to be wrong about. The industry changes every single day. When I wake up tomorrow it won't be the industry it was today. That's exciting and scary at the same time. This isn't a business for those who don't like constant change. I love it! I love to wake up every day and see what's new. What are they doing now? Who's 'in?' Who's 'out?' What product is 'in' and which is out?" Erickson believes that Camera Ready Cosmetics has to move as fast as the industry moves, and the industry changes on a dime. She says "It's a thrill for me, like playing chess on a time clock."

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