"We combined high quality products at a discounted price. All kits start at a 10% discount and were created for the working and aspiring artist in mind."

-Mary Erickson, Founder & Owner




SFX Makeup Kit


About the SFX Kit: Get gory! Making the most realistic looking bruises, wounds, scabs and scars is hard enough and we understand the last thing you want to do is worry about what products you need to create these looks! This kit is perfect for the pro artist who is looking to get all the essentials for creating graphic looking special effects in one easy kit.


Why it's special: We’ve included everything you need to go from dear to drear.


What's included:  This kit includes latex, silicone, 3 different types of blood and more.

 SFX Makeup Kit Details Here.  



Professional Makeup Kit


About the Pro Makeup Kit: Ideal for intermediate to advanced makeup artists and cosmetology professionals, the Camera Ready Cosmetics makeup kit will level up your creative efforts. We have included universally flattering palettes and correctors to keep you going through the busy seasons.


Why it's special: You’ll love the mix of pro artist staples from brands like Viseart, Ben Nye, Kett, and Graftobian.


What's included:  Skin and lip enhancing palettes, perfect for HD makeup, and an array of essential tools of the trade.

 Professional Makeup Kit Details Here.




Student Makeup Kit



About the Student Kit:
This kit is perfect for the artist on the rise. We've included an array of palettes ideal for experimenting with all skin tones, and playing with various makeup looks. All products are HD friendly and suitable for all types of media.


Why it's special: Included are all the tools to help you perfect your craft, all in one place.


What's included: This kit includes the RCMA VK Foundation Palette, RCMA Foundation Adjuster Palette, and more.

Student Makeup Kit Details Here. 


Vegan / Cruelty-free Makeup Kit

About the Vegan / Cruelty-Free Kit:  In an effort to supply the demands for the artist who is conscious of the ethical treatment of animals, we've created a Vegan / Cruelty free kit. 


Why it's special: This kit allows you to be creative with makeup while remaining dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals.

What's included:  This kit includes the RCMA VK Foundation Palette, the La Femme Eye Shadow Pans, Bdellium Brushes and more.

Vegan Makeup Kit Details Here.


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