Any professional artist will tell you: having a sturdy, organized and compact makeup case is just as important as being aware of the latest industry trends.

Quality makeup cases protect the investment you’ve made in cosmetics, as well as provide a more streamlined, efficient experience for both yourself and your clients.

Because no two makeup artists are the same, different needs equal different case requirements for every person. The CRC team narrowed down our top five best-selling professional makeup cases to help make your decision a bit easier.

Keep reading to see which options made our list, and discover why our customers love them so much!

Japonesque Pro Makeup Case


This professionally-designed case was created to organize and transport makeup brushes, tools and accessories. Crafted by hand, the case features double-sided, accordion-tiered trays with adjustable dividers and a large lower compartment for ample storage.

The Japonesque Pro Makeup Case is a must-have for organizing and storing beauty essentials. It also includes a durable nylon shoulder strap for easy transporting.

Camera Ready customer Rose says, “I love this makeup case! It’s very well-made, has lots of space and looks so pretty! The lower compartment is very deep, and you can open the other trays without blocking that lower compartment. I also love the sturdiness, which makes it perfect for traveling.”

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Just Case Sunrise 4-Wheel Case (All Black)


Professional artists worldwide (especially CRC customers) love the stylish Just Case Sunrise Case for its durability and convenience. It’s perfect for transporting your most precious and expensive tools and uniquely made to secure and protect your products.

This sturdy case was made with the demands of makeup artists in mind - enough space for every product, a heat-resistant exterior to keep makeup cool, and secure closures for easy transporting or moving around on set.

Just Case offers a variety of colors, patterns and designs, but our customers love the chic appearance of the black case, which has been on our “best-sellers” list for years.

Camera Ready customer Agnes says, “This case is great - simple as that. I haven’t found any negatives so far. It’s easy to pack, easy to transport and has various compartments inside to keep my makeup and tools perfectly organized. Plus, it has wheels (which is a necessity when traveling or navigating around on the job.)”

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Zuca Pro Artist


This super-sleek, super-organized case is like having the ideal assistant to make life easier. Composed of premium water-resistant nylon, shock-absorbing PVC wheels, and an extendable telescoping handle, you’ll have the flexibility to roll with the punches from one job to next. The contents of your ZUCA stay intact via orderly, accessible zip compartments on every side.

The flawless Pro Artist Case is designed for those on the go who value organization, style and perfection. Protect and organize the tools of your trade while traveling in style.

Camera Ready customer Farrah says, “This case is SO beautiful! You can tell it’s designed specifically for pro artists because it has every compartment you would ever need. My kit has never been more organized and efficient.”

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Kitmate Cool Kit

For the artist who lives on outdoor sets, this is the ultimate makeup bag. Keep your products at the perfect temperature, no matter what elements Mother Nature throws your way - boiling summer heat or freezing snow. You can finally say goodbye to melted or frozen makeup, thanks Kitmate’s insulation technology.

The inside of the Cool Kit is lined with aluminum, making it spill-proof and super easy to clean. The outside features a variety of pockets for extra storage and a comfortable shoulder strap to eliminate any discomfort from carrying tools and products around all day. For the best cooling results, add the Kitmate Star Cooling Packs for just $6.99 each. 

Camera Ready customer Lindsay says, “I love that it’s insulated, so my products don’t get too cold or hot. I can work all day, in any sort of environment, without worrying once about how my makeup is holding up. Definitely worth buying!”

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Esum Makeup Kit Bag


Need a case for just the essentials without towing along your entire kit? Esum's Pro Makeup Kit Bag is ideal for traveling light! This large, zippered case holds two large and two small clear pouches that conveniently Velcro to the interior of the largest bag, keeping your products safe, intact and organized.

Sectioned-off inside are elastic straps to secure a brush roll or even an airbrush compressor. This bag is waterproof and padded on the inside, so you can easily wipe clean when needed. A variety of makeup products fit perfectly inside, including Viseart 12-Color Palettes, KETT Fixx Creme Palettes and the Extra-Large Z Palette!

Camera Ready customer Ebonie says, “I LOVE my Esum Bag. It’s sturdy, padded and light-weight (even when filled to the brim). The case comes with four removable Velcro pouches (similar to Zuca-style pouches, but smaller.) I also bought an extra Esum case, so now my kit holds five packs (three large, two small.) Now, my kit is EVERYTHING I never knew I needed.”

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Ready to upgrade your professional makeup case? All the products mentioned in this article are linked down below. Ready, set, GO shopping!

1) Japonesque Pro Makeup Case

2) Just Case - Sunrise All Black 4-Wheel Case

3) Zuca Pro Artist

4) Kitmate Cool Kit

5) Esum Makeup Kit Bag

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