We first met award-winning makeup artist, Katelyn Galloway, two years ago on YouTube. Under the moniker Kiki G., the sassy, platinum-blonde Virgo won us over with her infectious personality, practical makeup tips, and beauty industry insights.

But behind the virtual fame, Kiki was working on a much bigger project - one we were hungry to be a part of.

A self-proclaimed Olympic gold medalist in perfectionism, Kiki has been hard at work building a revolutionary new cosmetics brand called Salt New York. The company aims to create necessary, high-quality products for people who, as Kiki says, “like pretty makeup, smart things and obsessive organizational abilities.”

The first product from Salt New York, a magnetic makeup palette funded by pro makeup artists worldwide through Kickstarter, is set to roll out very soon. Join our waitlist here to receive exclusive launch alerts and be the first to shop.

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Why The Palette Is Different

Cosmetics packaging in the U.S. accounts for more than 25 million tons of waste each year - gross! To combat this, The Palette is made from the highest-quality, eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled materials and vegan leather.

The zippered compact includes a magnetic panel on one side to secure depotted makeup pans from your favorite brands and an unbreakable mirror on the other side for easy makeup application on-the-go. Throw The Palette in your bag, toss it in your kit, sit on it, step on it…okay, don’t do that…but the point is you can feel confident toting The Palette around without fear of breaking your precious makeup staples.

In coming months, Salt New York will roll out a collection of STELLAR makeup essentials (seriously: Kiki has spent six years perfecting these products, and you’re going to freak out) that fit perfectly in The Palette.

To learn more about The Palette, watch Kiki explain here.

More About Katelyn (Kiki G.)

Katelyn Galloway is an award-winning makeup artist who believes in the power of makeup to enhance what is already beautiful. She aims to make the world a generally brighter place. Katelyn’s work can most recently be seen on The Leftovers (HBO), The Son (AMC), and Kevin Probably Saves the World (ABC).

She lives in New York with her rad toddler and ghost cat. See Katelyn’s work here.

About Camera Ready Cosmetics

Camera Ready Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by pro makeup artist Mary Erickson. An industry veteran for more than 30 years, Mary knows quality and value and understands what an artist needs. Mary is the buyer for Camera Ready Cosmetics and chooses only what she would use on set.

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