Graftobian Bald Cap Kit

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Graftobian's Bald Cap Kit has all you need to apply, color and remove your bald cap - including the most detailed, step-by-step, full-color instructions from the professionals! For the most convincing loss of hair you'll see with the highest value for your dollar.

Kit Includes:

  • Regular Size Latex Bald Cap
  • Bald Cap Rubber Mask Grease Wheel (1oz. / 28gm.)
  • Spirit Gum Matte (0.25fl.oz / 7.25ml.)
  • Liquid Latex (0.5fl.oz / 14.5ml.)
  • Spirit Gum Remover (0.25fl.oz / 7.25ml.)
  • Face Powder (0.063oz. / 1.8gm.)
  • Full-Sized Black Eye Pencil (0.9oz. / 2.6gm.)
  • Round Powder Pad
  • Red Wedge Sponge
  • Latex Wedge Sponges (2)
  • Full-Color Instructions

*Cream cosmetics often "sweat" and form small beads of moisture on the surface. This is normal and does not in any way affect the quality of the product.