Color Match Service

In response to COVID-19, we are currently suspending our Color Match Service. The safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our Beauty Advisors for assistance with selecting a foundation shade.

color-match3.jpgThe Camera Ready Cosmetics Color Match Service gives you the ability to send us a small sample of a product you love and receive a sample of a different brand that we carry in the closest matching color. At just $7.99 per sample (and $4.00 for each additional sample),

the service features include: 

  • Your color matched by a professional makeup artist
  • A sample of the product you want to try

How to use our Color Match Service:

  1. Order a Color-Match Sample
  2. Send a sample of your foundation, concealer, etc., to us

Your Original Sample: We need enough to put on our hand to compare - just a color smear will not work. We cannot return your sample, so please send something you do not want back. We do not match cake or powder makeup.

Put your sample in a small container and place in a padded envelope. Make sure to list the brand name(s) to which you would like us to match. Also include your order number, which will be on your receipt.

Ship to:

Camera Ready Cosmetics Color Matching Service
14203 Proton Rd
Dallas, TX 75244


You will need to order one sample per brand. Each additional sample is $4.00.  

We will ship your new sample(s) to you within 10 days of receipt of your foundation or concealer if you put your order number in your package to us. The sample you will receive is enough to color test on yourself and covers one to two faces only. Concealers and neutralizers will be a tiny sample smaller then a dime. Foundation sample sizes depend on the consistency of the brand you are ordering.

Note: Brands never offer the exact same colors so we cannot offer an exact color match. However, we will get as close as we possibly can.

We cannot return your product. We will throw what is left of your original sample away when we are finished. Please do not send anything that you want back.