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Joe Blasco Presents

We are proud and honored to say we partnered with legendary makeup artist and beauty industry veteran Joe Blasco to create a series of video lectures to teach you some of his favorite makeup tips and tricks to elevate your artistry.

From explaining how to create a natural contour to changing the tone and contrast of that shadow and more, you'll learn the concept behind contouring, highlighting, and so much more.

Check back often, as we will be adding more videos!

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Base Color Relationships

Shading, highlighting, & foundation mixing secrets for a much more natural look from the expert himself Joe Blasco.


Creating Lips that Last

Secret tips to creating a long-wearing perfect pout from the Makeup Master Joe Blasco.


Brush Size & Usage

Learn about the different types of brushes and how to pick the perfect size for each task.

Chiaroscuro 101 - Makeup & Light Application

Learn how to create the illusion of contouring and changing the shape of your face using makeup and light.

Preliminary Shading

Learn what you should do to the areas of the face where you know you want to shade to achieve a more natural look.

How to Use No Color Powder

Learn about skin types and how to apply No Color Powder to avoid gray cast.

Shading Accent

Learn how to give your shadows some pop bringing them to life to make them look more natural with a few simple adjustments.

Adding Warmth to Shadows

No two complexions are identical! Learn how to warm up the shadow you created so you can customize the look for every client.

Adding Contrast to Shadows

Learn how to add contrast by highlighting above and below the shadows .

Highlighting with Iridescence and Oils

Learn how to create additional contrast and highlights throughout areas of the face with combinations of iridescence and oils.

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