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I am just "over the moon" thrilled and beyond grateful and soooo appreciative to be able to purchase the highest quality makeup with such a wide variety and selection of outstanding brands! But the most important part is the staff and service...Mary and the entire team THANK YOU for who you are and what you do...you ARE what is lacking in the world today...so many companies have lost sight of what is important and it is quite clear that you have not...service is embedded in your DNA. I plan on making a trip to CA in the near future just to say THANK YOU in person! As much as I would love to see you have a storefront in every city...it just wouldn't be the same...the small family feel that you provide with just a website experience...is simply incredible. The experience is just impeccable, from the selection and wide variety of brands to the quality of them...and even down to the website, shipping and service...I think ULTA and SEPHORA are going to "86" me from their stores...every time I am there I run into women asking the makeup artists questions...and I politely "butt in" and tell them about CRC and all the AMAZING brands that are less "main stream" to the "everyday" population but are equal or quite often higher quality at a much more affordable price point with better service AND have a savings program, along with the fact that it is what I lovingly call a "mom and pop" business that is part of our community...and our communities can't survive without them! Please keep making such a positive impact in the world CRC...signed with lots of Hugs, Love, and Laughter!!!

- S.Nicole


Hello Chris,

I'm Jessica Neal and I placed an order with you by phone. I received the order last week and all I can say is 'HALLELUJAH'!!

I wanted to personally thankyou for all of the time you spent with me. You were so kind to help me work through the different products and recommend new items I knew nothing about!! I was so impressed with the way you would perform your own 'mini research' when I had a question, so I wasn't steered in the wrong direction. That's happened to me before and it's nice to have someone really be informed about the products they're selling. Great product knowledge Chris!!

You might not remember, but there were several items I was on the fence about purchasing. I was unsure about working them into my kit...for example, the extra Viseart pallete, remember? After a lengthy discussion, you explained how cost effective it would be and why it would be such a great addition. I am so thrilled you spoke honestly. You were absolutely right!!

Purchasing makeup is always a gamble because it's only when it's being used that can you see if it meets your needs. Purchasing makeup sight unseen, by phone, miles away makes it more daunting. You made that whole process much easier.

Thank you for such a fresh perspective Chris and for really listening to my needs and helping me to choose well!!

Until next time,

Jessica Neal


CRC Customer service crew is amazing. I received a broken face powder when it arrived at my house and contacted them about it and within a week I'd received another one COMPLETELY FREE! I didn't even have to pay for shipping and I thought that was very courteous and amazing of them to do. I definitely will recommend CRC Makeup because of the ease of ordering, skilled customer service representatives and the availability of products. I am highly satisfied with the products I received and look forward to placing more orders in the future. Thank you!



You don't have to be an insider to know that the cosmetic industry, at any stage from creation to distribution, is one of the most dynamic and competitive business environments in the world. Add an international economic downturn such as the one of the last few years, and you are left with a question: is it possible for an independent business to thrive, and most importantly to do so ethically? Is it possible to generate high customer satisfaction, create a happy working environment and still adhere to a strict commitment to excellence in the product that you offer? The answer is a resounding YES, and the proof is an entrprise called Camera Ready Cosmetics.

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Mary and the entire CRC team is the absolute BOMB! :D Her poise in difficult situations is something I really admire. Shipping is extremely kind to Hawaii and Australian residents unlike many retailers. I love how CRC extends many of the savings to their customers, like when it comes to MaqPro.

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Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your online store and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. You and your staff never miss a beat and I LOVE THAT. Super friendly, super fast, awesome prices and brands xx

Melbourne Bridal Artistry


Ashlie, you are amazing. I love, love the Yaby powder foundation PF032! It couldn’t be a better match! You are so good at what you do. Really. I will def be in touch to order this!

Thanks so much for all your help!

K. Beth


As an actress with sensitive skin, it's very important to find products that not only assist in the overall health of my skin, but also performs well regardless of my day to day activities, outside elements and even extreme theater lighting and this product does it all! I purchased the Ben Nye powder in Topaz with the hope that the product would live up to the hype and it completely did. It gives full coverage with a beautiful & natural glow. It's as soft as fine dust which feels absolutely amazing against my skin! It sets my foundation almost immediately and I'm set all day long with little need for touch ups. Lastly, getting the product was a horrific experience due to USPS- not CRC- and when I expressed my disappointment in paying almost twice the amount of the product for express delivery and still did not get it for over a week & leaving me with having to "pick it up" instead of it being delivered, (I still don't know how the Postal Service screwed that up??), one of the managers at CRC did something amazing for me that completely turned me from being an individual who did not want to purchase any other items from them to a now being a committed and faithful customer! I shall not say what it was that was done, as I wouldn't want to start an abundance of requests for them (and I'm sure my situation was extreme and not likely to be repeated), but that action of concern not only renewed my faith in knowing that CRC is a company of integrity, but one that honestly cares about the experiences their customers have. Although the error was with the Postal Service, this manager extended an apology on behalf of their shipper! Because of this- I'm proud to be a returning customer of not only of Ben Nye products, but to CRC- Thanks for being an AWESOME COMPANY! You guys rock! :-)


the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thanks to Amy at Customer Service, she was a total professional and also very personable. She answered all of my questions and took care of what I needed. Thanks again,



Just wanted to tell you again, that I love your website. If I lived in California, I would work for you!!!!! I want you to know that I tell all who will listen about your site. It really has great product. While I may not be a professional makeup artist, I love makeup and have become quite talented over the years. So much so that I usually do people's makeup for events they are attending. Now since I have found how wonderful Ben Nye and Mehron Make up is, it is all I use on them and myself. And your prices and shipping are the best on the internet. I just wanted to let you know that you keep me pretty happy!! This Jersey girl loves her makeup and you make it that much better.

Kim M. Iacovino


Hello! I just ordered from CRC for the first time. I completed my order a few hours ago and I am already impressed! My order shipped out within a few hours of my purchase. This is awesome. I havent received my product yet but I am sure I will be ordering for your website again. Thank you for your prompt service! I wish you the best of luck for the future!



I am very happy with my order, the products are great! I am so happy the order came so fast. I will be doing business with you again, in the future.

Brenda Danek


I just received my first order from CRC and could not wait to put another order in again! Thanks so very much. I am more than impressed with your excellent product selection, dedication to customer service and ridiculously fast shipping time!



Dear ladies and gentlemen!

It's the first time that i made an order on your homepage. It's perfect. I orderd from Austria and i received my order one week later - thats very very fast. Graf Tobian Make up is great. I will order again.

Thank you very much for everything.

Have a nice day and kind regards,


Just want to say thank you very much for the super fast delivery of Order No 42219 to Singapore.

Merry X'mas and best regards,
LE Koh


As a professional makeup artist I have to place large orders for products for theater shows and productions. I recently placed a large order - with another makeup supply company - for a show. Not only did my products take forever to arrive, many were backordered and did not arrive for weeks, with no notification from the company. After calls to confirm that my products would arrive in time for the show's dress runs, they still did not all arrive. Over a month later, I am still missing products. The approximately 80 performers I sent to them to purchase foundation also had the same problems despite having ordered only one product from them.

I recently began purchasing from your company and have received all my packages so quickly, wrapped as carefully as I could want them to be, without a single mistake. And everything I have ordered has been in stock! Your company's communication is excellent as well! I will definitely be ordering from your company in the future for shows, as I can be confident that I will have what I need when I need it when I order from you. And you carry all my favorite products to boot! As a professional who desires to always exceed MY client's expectations, thank YOU for exceeding mine.

Danielle Blazer
Makeup by Dani B



Wonderful, Awesome service as always, Why would anyone shop any were else?

Aloha, Haylee Johnson


Hi there,

Just wanted to say that I am amazed at how quicly my brushes arrived!

Thank you so much! :-)

Lisa M. Griggs


Hi Selina,

Just wanted to let you know that my order for the Embryolisse moisturiser arrived yesterday (Monday Nov 29th) afternoon, and I'm thrilled that it traveled across the pond from your office to my doorstep so swiftly. Thank you for your timely communication and quick dispatch/delivery, I look forward to repurchasing from you in the future. :)

Best Regards,



I just wanted to send a quick message to say how impressed i am with your shop. I was shocked to see my package arrived so soon, especially buying from Australia. It was packaged beautifully. Thank you so much for the amazing service, its an absolute pleasure shopping here.

Thanks again Haylie


It's here! And yes my post office has been acting strange. Yesterday I went to inquire about the package and they wouldn't even look up my tracking number and typed my name and address into their computer system and said nothing came up.

I have no idea why they updated the tracking info the way they did. I'm just happy I have my order now. Thanks so much for checking into my concerns. I have been majorly impressed with your customer service and communication skills and I will continue to order from this website :)

Thank you,


Hello, I received Eurasia Fair and just wanted to thank you for the quick and hassle free service! I am extremely satisfied and will definitely order from CRC in the future.



I ordered a product from you guys on Oct 20, I was so shocked when I received it 2 weeks later!! Your delivery time is so fast!! I was fully expecting 60 days till my products arrived but within 2 weeks I got it and was so happy, Thank you CRC!!

Customer in Singapore


Dear Camera Ready Cosmetics

LOVE your shop. Love it love it love it.
Within a week I have completed my second order with you and I will be ordering more. I absolutely adore your shop! I love the z Palettes I ordered... I love the range of products you have (apart from the fact that some of them are unfortunately out of stock)...

That being said, I thought you delivered very fast ( I live in switzerland), I received my shipping very quickly. I absolutely love the pricing (especially the shipping costs, that's the main reason I ordered with you, because you have a good pricing)...

Well I can only rave for your shop, and since I am so happy, I just thought I send this out. Cause I wanted you to know that there are happy customers out there.

In any case, LOVE your shop and will come back again!

Best wishes



Just want to say great service! Parcel was packed fantastically in all its bubble wrap glory and shipped really quickly (USPS has a terrible tracking system)

You guys have the best international shipping rates to Australia, please do not change this as I will continue to purchase my temptu and occ products and more from you.

Thank You

Helen Matulich


"All the products you sell are affordable and worth to keep. I recommend your website to people esp to those who ask about the beauty of the products that I use. I get fast service and good customer service. Keep it up!"



I didn't expect to receive it that quickly!!! It's like Christmas had came early. It arrived timely as well. On the very day I had a shoot which needed some of these products. I got to test them immediately that day on the job. And I was extremely excited about the results.
Many thanks... and I will DEFINITELY order from you guys again in future.

Best Regards,



Thanks Selina,

I'm really happy with the products I received and the customer service so far. I'm telling everyone at work and I even brought them in to show off ;)

Very best,



First, I would like to say thank you for your wonderful customer service….I have order from you on numerous occasions and have always had first class service.



Thank you so much! You have exceeded my expectations on overall customer service! I will be buying from you again.



Hi Mary

I have ordered a few times from your store and I must say I am truely impressed and happy with everything- the prices, the shipping costs and the delivery timings.love your store and the focus on customer satisfaction :)