Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

 (USA Only)

Select a Color
1.00 C (Light Ivory)
1.10 N (Light Shell)
1.20 C (Light Fair)
1.30 W (Light Sand)
1.40 N (Light Neutral)
1.50 C (Light Beige)
1.60 W (Light Peach)
2.10 C (Light Buff)
2.20 N/O (Light Olive)
2.30 W (Light Golden)
2.40 N/O (Med Olive)
2.50 N (Med Nude)
3.10 C (Med Buff)
3.15 C (Med Beige)
3.20 W (Med Sand)
3.25 N (Med Neutral)
3.30 W/O (Med Honey)
3.35 W (Med Golden)
3.40 W (Med Peach)
3.45 N (Med Bronze)
3.50 W (Tan Sand)
3.55 N/O (Tan Olive)
3.60 W (Tan Golden)
3.65 N (Tan Neutral)
3.70 W/O (Tan Honey)
3.75 W (Tan Amber)
4.00 N/O (Tan Ginger)
4.05 W (Tan Pecan)
4.10 C/O (Tan Suede)
4.15 W (Tan Sienna)
4.20 W (Deep Golden)
4.30 W (Deep Amber)
4.35 W (Deep Pecan)
4.40 N (Deep Neutral)
4.45 N (Deep Bronze)
4.50 W (Deep Sienna)
4.55 C (Deep Chestnut)
4.60 N (Deep Caramel)
4.70 C (Deep Ebony)
4.75 N (Deep Mocha)





The best foundation is the one you can’t see at all. 

This weightless, buildable, full-coverage foundation gives you a natural matte finish that wears for up to 24 hours. Bare skin feel yet completely full coverage, its silky-smooth formula was developed with an exclusive, high-speed HyperWhip™ process that whisks it into a light-as-air texture for unparalleled blendability.

Never chalky or lifeless, its finish has a multidimensional effect, like naturally gorgeous, healthy skin. Available in 40 shades that address tone and skin texture so your complexion looks smooth and even. Infused with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich white birch extract, your complexion is both perfected and protected.

Perfect For Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily Skin Types

1. Wet

Wet Beautyblender® with water for each use.

2. Pump

Hold bottle at a 45° angle and dispense foundation into the reservoir to create a surface for mixing. Alternatively, pump directly onto your sponge or skin.

3. Bounce

Build and layer for desired coverage, bouncing it on with your beautyblender for skin-mimicking texture.