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Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty - Metal Pigments

Select a Color
Majestic (Metal)
Enchanted (Metal)
Daydreaming (Metal)
Supreme (Metal)
Lucky Penny (Metal)
Evergreen (Metal)
Sequin (Metal)
Cherry Moon (Constellation Glitter)
Black Star (Constellation Glitter)
North Star (Constellation Glitter)
Fairytale (Metal)
Pharaoh (Metal)
Twilight (Constellation Glitter)




Danessa Myricks Beauty Metals can be used alone or combined with a mixing medium like Bionic Gel Activator to create a sleek metal paint. Ideal for face and body.

Shades Available:

Majestic: Majestic is a metallic royal purple pigment inspired by the divine energy of The Artist Prince. 

Enchanted: Enchanted is a metallic mauve purple pigment.

Twilight: Twilight is a blue and purple microfine metallic hybrid glitter.

Cherry Moon: Cherry Moon is a red microfine metallic hybrid glitter.  

Black Star: Black Star is a microfine metallic hybrid glitter.

North Star: North Star is a pink microfine metallic hybrid glitter.  

Fairytale: Fairytale is a purple microfine metallic hybrid glitter/pigment.  

Love Story:  Love Story is a multichromatic metallic pigment with reflecting shades of red, violet and  gold. 

Daydreaming:  Daydreaming is a multichromatic metallic pigment with reflecting shades of blue, violet and green 

Supreme: Supreme is a silver metallic pigment 

Pharaoh: Pharaoh is a rich golden metallic pigment 

Lucky Penny: Lucky Penny is a coppery metallic pigment 

Evergreen: Evergreen is a mysterious emerald green metallic pigment 

Sequin: Sequin is a royal blue metallic pigment

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