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MustaeV - Eyeshadow Refill

Select a Color
Andromeda (218G)
Antique Gold (208G)
Aura (132G)
Bambi (307M)
Bewitch (130P)
Blooming Peach (309P)
Brownstone (131P)
Burn (126P)
Charcoal (105M)
Charing Cross (127G)
Cocoa (220M)
Dazzle (210G)
Dazzle Pink (203P)
Deep Capri (308M)
Desert Pink (209G)
Diamond (116G)
Dust Off (137P)
Dybbuk (139G)
Flushed (205M)
Forest (120P)
Glacier (134P)
Gold Digger (117G)
Gold Museum (122G)
Halo (213P)
In The Club (121G)
Iris (301M)
Julep (219P)
Kelly Green (304M)
Lilac (215G)
Lovable (129P)
Matt (207M)
Milky Way (211G)
Morning Dew (217G)
Mossy (135P)
Naked Wood (124G)
Nightmare (133G)
Old Gold (125P)
Peacock (224G)
Pekoe (214M)
Pink Bikini (305M)
Pink Dress (128G)
Pink Mist (204P)
Poppin Yellow (310M)
Rainforest (223G)
Scales (118P)
Shade (202M)
Silver Medal (136P)
Skin (201G)
Smoke (104M)
Snow (311M)
Stone (138P)
Vague (221M)
Vintage (212P)
Vinyl (216P)
Wish Me Luck (119P)




These silky textured shadows with satin pearl particles provide a soft shimmering sheen. Silicone coated pearl powder and Triethoxycaprylsilane treated powder create high pigmentation and adherence, leaving no fall-out. The sebum control powder in these shadows absorbs sebum and assists with maintaining a hydrating, non-drying feel, with a long, crease-free wear. 

Buy the full compact HERE.

Shadow Pan Diameter 27 mm / Shadow Pan Height 3.5mm


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