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This Valentine’s Day, whether you are out with your special someone, or with a group of friends (#singlelife), a beautiful lip color that lasts is essential for a night filled with sipping wine and eating chocolate.

 Before selecting the perfect shade for your Valentine’s Day evening, you want to make sure your lips are prepped and primed to sustain a lasting, vibrant color.

moisturized lips

 Step 1: Exfoliate

Begin with a lip scrub; Cinema Secrets’ Lip Scrub is a great option for a smooth canvas. Prep your lips with this gentle, yet effective, exfoliator by buffing away rough, flaking skin. Use a warm towel, or tissue to remove any excess scrub or dryness. Now, you have plump, pillow-soft lips.

Step 2: Moisturize

Follow the exfoliation with a moisturizing lip balm. Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Mocha Rose Lip Balm Tin is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Why? It is a blend of mocha, vanilla and chocolate –perfect for the occasion. Apply a liberal amount onto your freshly exfoliated pout. After waiting a minute for the balm to moisturize, remove any excess.

lined lips

Step 3: Line the lips

Now, it is time to pick the perfect lip color! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to wear a bold red, burgundy, or pink lip. Select a color that makes you feel sexy and confident. Something you may not wear normally. Choose a lip pencil to prep for the coordinating lip color. Invest into a luxury line; By Terry's Crayon Levres Terrybly has a gorgeous selection of lip pencils, perfect for this occasion. Use shades of red in Cancan, Red Alert, Wine Delice and Dolce Plum to compliment a darker lip.

 Woman With Red Lips

Step 4: Fill them in

For a lasting lip color with little fuss, choose a liquid lipstick.

Caked Makeup has a great selection of liquid lipsticks, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of using them, they smell amazing too.

If you are looking for a more dazzling look maybe you should try a liquid metallic lipstick. Kevyn Aucoin has a selection of vivid lip colors that go bold with a high impact, metallic finish. Go with The Molten Lip Color in Bronze to create a look with a beautiful red-brown combo and a unique sheen.

If reds and burgundies are a little too much for your plans, check out NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream. These seductive shades have a plush, matte, nude finish. Each uniquely sultry and will hug the shape of your lips ever so perfectly.

Caked Makeup Lip Fondant Holla Back

Kevyn Aucoin - The Molten Lip Color Molten Metals

NYX - Lip Lingerie Lipsticks

By this point your lips will be irresistible, but here is a final recommendation: Create an ombre effect. Start with a darker shade from your lip line, transitioning to a lighter color as you move closer inside your lips. If you want to have options, the Viseart 12-Color Lip Palette would give you a variety to mix and blend, or leave as is, giving a natural, satin finish.

Lipstick and Hearts Flatlay 

Now that you have ideas and choices for Valentine’s Day, what will be your go-to look?

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