Amplify your highlight by using a creme luminizer with a powder highlight

By layering a liquid and powder highlight, you are ensuring your highlight stays put while adding dimensionality. Apply highlighter to the high points of the face where the sun naturally hits.

Add a luminizer to your body oil or lotion 

Want to stay dewy, glowing and moisturized? Add a drop of liquid highlighter in with your favorite body oil or lotion to indulge the skin in an other-worldly glow!


Add glitter to your nails

Skip nude nails this time of year in favor of something a little more flashy by adding your favorite glitter top coat for that extra pop this winter.

Pro Tip: Use a makeup sponge and dab the glitter polish onto the sponge, then apply the polish to your nails using the sponge. The result is a fully covered, opaque coat of glitter. Use liquid latex around the edges of your nails to protect the skin from messes, then simply peel off when you're done!

Try on a pair of glamorous lashes

Eyeshadow isn't the only way to go glitzy! Have fun with lashes filled with accented rhinestones for that extra pop. 

Mix a drop of liquid highlighter into your foundation

Not all glitter has to be intense as sometimes you may want to be a little more subtle. Add a couple drops of your favorite liquid highlight into your foundation for a refined dewy finish to the skin. Apply using a beauty blender for an air-brushed finish.



Add that extra shine to your lips with glitter

Be the star of the show with this season's hottest lip trend. Apply glitter over your favorite shade of lipstick by using a small detail brush for the ultimate shine!


Turn heads with glitter liner

Dip your liner brush in your favorite glitter and apply it over your eyeliner for a unique look. You'll certainly turn heads with this alluring look! Start off by applying your favorite eyeliner and apply matching glitter on top of the line you just created. You'll be turning heads all night!

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  • Danielle Leighton

    Glitter liner is one of my favorite tricks!!! And with Liquid Sugar it makes it soooo easy to do! I love creating new looks like this and am an avid shopper at camera ready cosmetics – it’s a one-stop-shop so they make it easy to do! Being a makeup artist I can’t stand going to 15 different websites or stores so this is my ALL TIME GO TO SHOP! Love you guys and all your tips and tricks!

    Danielle Leighton

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