When it comes to your favorite makeup products, here’s a truth that many find hard to accept: they don’t last forever. Mascaras. Liquid eyeliners. Foundations. Moisturizers and toners. These are a few of the many products that do, unfortunately, have a shelf life.

We aren’t writing this because we’re heartless. If we could use our favorite mascara until the bristles fell off, we would. But we’re writing this to protect you from the harmful bacteria that live and grow inside everyday beauty essentials.

This handy guide will serve well in moments when you wonder, “Is it time to replace?”

So let’s dive into the “when” and “why” of refreshing your beauty favorites.



Shelf Life: 3-6 months

Why replace? Mascara needs to be replaced more frequently than any other beauty product. Every time you pump a mascara wand back into its tube, the product traps bacteria which can cause harmful eye infections.

When to replace? If the product becomes dry and clumpy or the bristles have excessive buildup, it’s time to re-order. Another tell-tale sign is the scent. If it changes at all, toss it.

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Shelf Life: 6-12 months

Unlike powder formulas, liquid foundations contain oils  or other ingredients that break down over time. Pump containers provide more protection than ones with an open top. For open-top foundations, it’s best to put the product on a palette or mixing tray before applying with a clean brush or sponge.

When to replace? When a foundation is nearing expiration, you may notice dryness or changes in consistency.

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Shelf Life: 3 years

Because they don’t require large amounts of water to manufacture, powders have a longer shelf life than most other cosmetic products. To prolong the life of your powder, store in cool locations with the lid firmly closed.

When to replace? If you notice powder becoming more difficult to blend or chalky, a replacement is due.

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Liquid or Gel Eyeliner

Shelf Life: 3-6 months

Like mascara, liquid eyeliners should be at the top of your frequent replacements list. Because this product is applied to the eye, you’re at higher risk of contracting an infection if the product is nearing its last leg.

When to replace? The most common sign of bad liquid liner is a dry formula. Most people think adding a little water will prolong the life, but doing so helps bacteria to grow faster.

For gel liners, a product like Inglot Duraline or Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid can help revive a drying gel liner, but since you're opening and closing it frequently, replace it every three to six months, depending on how often you use it.

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Eye & Lip Pencils

Shelf Life: 1-2 years

Pencils tend to last longer because they are constantly being sharpened, which provides a clean, fresh layer before each application.  However, it's important to disinfect and sharpen them after every use since they're being used on the eyes and lips where bacteria levels are higher than other areas of the face.

When to replace?

It’s difficult to tell when an eye or lip pencil has gone bad, but a good rule to follow is to replace pencils that no longer sharpen easily. For example, pencils that frequently break-off after sharpening are best to toss. If you notice they're changing color, it's time to throw them away. Discoloration is often a sign of mold growing within the product.

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Shelf Life: Varies, but typically 12 months

The shelf life for skincare can vary based on the ingredients, packaging style, and frequency of use.  However, a good rule of thumb is to replace it if it's been more than a year. 

When to replace?

After a year, moisturizers and toners have lost most of their beneficial properties.  The efficacy of the active ingredients decreases over time, and some deteriorate each time they're exposed to air. Others include ingredients that break down with exposure to light or extreme temperatures, so be sure to read the label and store them properly.  Always apply these products with clean hands. Never add water to prolong the life of these products, as it dilutes the formula.


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Shelf Life: N/A

Makeup brushes can last for decades if you properly care for them. Purchase an all-natural, deep-cleaning brush cleaner to rid your bristles of pesky bacteria and buildup. Crazy Merman offers a variety of vegan brush cleaners that smell amazing and make your brushes like new again. 

When to replace? If your brush sheds with every use or no longer applies product evenly, it may be time for replacements.

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Other Guidelines

As a general rule of thumb, here are a few expert tips to help keep any makeup products you purchase from causing an infection:

1) Write the date of purchase on the outside of each product.

2) Federal law requires all makeup products to feature a PAO (Period After Opening) or BBE (Best Before End Date) symbol. A PAO symbol applies only if the shelf life is 30 months or more. Any less and the product will feature a BBE symbol.

3) Products made from natural ingredients will include an expiration date that applies even if unopened.

3) If you can’t find an expiration date, PAO or BBE label, check for the manufacture date. This will help you to know if the product is nearing expiration, as many unused cosmetics lose their quality over time.

To answer specific questions about your makeup products, email our beauty experts.

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