As the world continues to change, our industry continues to evolve. In the next few years, we should all be settled into a new normal, right? WRONG! We are always evolving, changing how we do things and moving forward. Science, medicine, and technology; these are things that will continue to change your life, my life and the lives of everyone that comes after us. Most of our best inventions were born out of necessity. I believe COVID will bring new inventions, new processes and new medications that one day will most likely solve problems that aren’t even COVID-related. So there is never really a “new normal,” just a changing landscape to which we adapt as we move through life. So, what will the next few years look like?

The next few years in this industry will be more sanitary. The days when clients look the other way at a dirty brush coming at their face are gone. Big jobs like weddings and movie productions will require a lot of brushes, and quick sanitation methods. Manufacturers are responding quickly to our needs with really good sanitation products. For me, this is exciting because we needed these all along.

Investments in Sanitation Are a Tax Write-Off

As an Artist you should invest in sanitation. Remember, the tools of your trade are tax-deductible. Make sure you keep all of your receipts and talk to your accountant to get more specifics. Now let’s chat about what you should be investing in.


One of my favorite new methods for sanitizing makeup and brushes is the SterileLite ILLUMICIDE Surface Disinfecting Case. This is a game changer for artists and hair stylists who need to sanitize thoroughly and quickly. This not only sanitizes your brushes and makeup, but it also dries your brushes! For what more can you ask? It also helps put your clients at ease. Clients watch everything we do, and some watch very closely. When they see your SterileLite, they will know you run a sanitary business; they know you invested in their health and well-being and that makes all the difference to many clients.

Sanitation Wipes and Sprays

You should be sanitizing your hands constantly right in front of your clients. This will help put them at ease and will help to keep you, your client, and your makeup tools germ free. One of my favorite sanitizers is the JAO Refresher Hand Sanitizer Spray. Rated #1 by “Rank and Style”, JAO is infused with essential oils and has a refreshing scent not normally found in hand sanitizers. The big bonus? It won’t dry out your skin like most sanitizers do.

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Additional Safety Measures

Of course you’re wearing a mask, but I suggest doubling up and using a clear face shield as well. Double protection for you and your client because of course your client will be mask-free.


Should you carry a forehead thermometer? It can’t hurt, and they are very affordable. So why not just keep one in your kit? This would be your first step in the process. Before anyone sits in your chair you should probably take a temperature reading. I know people can carry the virus without having a fever, but why not check? You don’t want to work on anyone with a fever even if it’s not COVID. A fever indicates they may be sick with something that you don’t want to catch. While this may seem extreme to some people, in the end, you and your client will be more at ease. And yes, even a thermometer for your kit is tax-deductible.


Let’s not forget disinfecting our workstations and everything around us. I prefer Rejuvenate. This is a hospital-grade, non-irritating, and eco-friendly disinfectant. It comes in wipes and sprays, so you can choose whichever you like best. Some people prefer wipes to sprays and both are great tools.


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Adjusting Your Business Practices

Market What You Do

You may want to advertise your sanitation methods on your website. I believe having a section about your personal precautions on the job is a good idea. Many companies that serve their customers in public are doing this now.  They explain the temperature reading, the mask, and all the sanitation practices they abide by.  Artists that use contracts (and most do)  should also add this to their contracts.  It’s important that people know up front that you will not be able to work on them if they have a fever.

Sanitize the Negativity

Now that I’ve covered the physical precautions, let’s talk about the mental aspects of working during this pandemic. People are all very different, and some people take this pandemic more seriously than others. People are under a lot of stress right now. Attitudes and outlooks range from “it’s all fake” to “I haven’t left my house in seven months and won’t until there’s a vaccine.” Don’t assume that everyone feels like you do.

From a business standpoint, my suggestion is to just listen to what your clients are saying but don’t counter or argue. Clients and customers are not friends and family, they’re paying you to perform a service and be hospitable. Think of clients and customers like your guests, and you are the host or hostess. I suggest that politics, religion, and opinions on health matters should probably be topics that (as a service provider) you should avoid. This is why a lot of people lose clients. Don’t try to talk a client into believing the virus really does or does not exist, as that’s not your job. Just let them know what the laws are in your state and what you legally need to do to stay in business.


As a service provider you may see a lot of people cancelling at the last minute because they “don’t feel well.” Under normal circumstances, most professionals charge a cancellation fee. Many businesses are changing this practice due to COVID. You may want to allow last minute rescheduling without a fee. Even airlines are allowing changes without a fee now. You really don’t want to see someone who has been exposed to COVID and ordered to stay home for 2 weeks, as you really shouldn’t be working on anyone that doesn’t feel well. My suggestion is to stay flexible for now. Above all, try your best to stay positive because many people are struggling and need help adapting to the changes we all have to go through.


We all need to adjust our sails to the wind because we can’t change the direction of the wind. This is harder for some people than others. It’s best to recognize this, and be thoughtful and prepared with kindness to counter opposition. Keep positive, because as bad as this all seems in the end it will bring about some better sanitation standards that should stay with us for a very long time. Please stay healthy and sanitary!

Written by Mary Erickson

Mary Erickson, founder of CRC and retired makeup artist, is a beauty industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience. To learn more about Mary, click here.

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