All year, our team has been trying new products to make sure we are only bringing you the best products that actually work, so naming products the Best of the Year is a responsibility we take very seriously! From new skincare to hair care and all the beautiful products in between, we have tried some incredible products in 2023.

Of all the things we tried, these are the ones we keep going back to time after time. That's why they are our top picks of 2023, PLUS learn about our Camera Ready Creators' Top Picks for the. year!

Our 2023 Top Picks

Here are a few of our top picks, but to learn more about each of them, keep reading, or click here to see (and shop!) more 2023 favorites!

Chelsie's Top Picks

Living in an area with lots of hard water, finding an exfoliant for my scalp is an absolute must. I'm a morning hair washer and always in a rush, so I appreciate products that save me time. With R+Co Submarine Water-Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo, I can skip the extra step and just use this two-in-one! One of the things I appreciate most about this is that it contains fruit-based AHA's instead of beads for exfoliation. Not only does this make it gentler on my scalp, but it also takes it a step further as a chemical exfoliant compared to physical exfoliants! It effectively refreshes and exfoliates my scalp without leaving my hair feeling dry or stripped. It's like giving my scalp a spa treatment right in my shower, especially with its calming and refreshing scent, and the fact that it's sulfate-free is a huge plus!

Brows tend to be the most important part of my personal routine, so I'm always looking for that extra detail! First, I use a pencil to fill in any sparse areas and then I follow up with a tinted brow gel to enhance my brow hairs as I typically like to go for that "fluffy" look. Unlike other brow mascaras, the NYX Thick It Stick It Brow Gel is pretty opaque and doesn't dry too quickly nor leave a "crunchy" feeling, which is perfect for pairing with my brow soap! What I also really love is that it deepens the color of my brow hairs, adds thickness with its fibers, and keeps everything in place without looking clumpy! And the best part? It's super quick and easy to apply, making it ideal for those busy days when I only have time for one step! It's definitely become essential to my brow routine and has quickly become my new favorite!

Courtney's Top Picks

As someone with sensitive skin, finding the right skincare product can be a tough task. However, I found Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel, and it's nothing short of a revelation. Dealing with a combination skin type—extremely dry in winter and excessively oily in summer—this product has been a game-changer for me, regardless of the season. During the harsh winter months, it provides the necessary hydration to combat dryness, while in the summer, it manages excess oil production remarkably well, keeping my skin balanced and refreshed.

My second top pick for 2023 is a total game-changer for my hair routine. As a first time Mom to a one-year-old, I don’t always have time to blow-dry and style my hair. As soon as I jump out of the shower, I run R+Co Cool Wind PH Perfect Air Dry Creme this through my hair and just let it air dry. The pH Perfect technology seems to be the secret sauce here—keeping my hair frizz fee and healthy-looking without weighing it down. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient, effective, and gentle solution to effortless styling.


August's Top Picks

West Barn Co Soap Brow is an absolute essential for any occasion! It holds my brows perfectly in place all day and night without leaving a trace of residue. Whether you're rocking a natural, no-makeup look or going all out with your favorite brow products, this little gem is your perfect partner in crime for taming your brows.

I've also been loving Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Serum Skin Tint. With just the perfect amount of coverage and a gorgeous dewy finish that looks just like your skin but better this is always my top tint pick. It also layers seamlessly with other base products to customize your perfect finish! And here's the cherry on top - it has a vegan and skincare infused formula, so you can feel great about what you're putting on your skin.

Calvin's Top Picks

As a makeup artist, I have high standards for my top picks, and Blend Bunny Cosmetics Machina Palette exceeded them. You can let youur imagination run free with this multi-textured, ultimately pigmented palette. Go grunge, Go Glam and everything inbetween. If it's LEWKS you want to give for Christmas, then it's time to Slay!

When it comes to the finishing touch to your routine, Made By Mitchell Liquid Highlighter Drip Drip brings you the ultimate way to glow, glimmer and shine. Plus, it's multi-purpose. Add it to eyes for a mind-blowing glitter lid, drip drop it on your cheekbones for a highlight that can be seen from space and don't forget to mix drip drip into your lipgloss for the most metallic-glitter lip you've ever seen. Shine Baby Shine!!!

Liz's Top Picks

I have heard about Made by Mitchell for the last couple of years as it bloomed in the UK, but when we launched it this past year, I instantly fell in love. They have so many great products, but I really love the versatility and wear of the Blursh. It's easy to blend and stays all day. It packs a punch, so I work with it by applying a little at a time. I honestly have a shade in this for every mood and sometimes pop it on my lips for a quick touch of color.

I feel like body makeup is such a hard thing to truly find. Most have shimmer and/or the colors never work for my pale skin. Tinge has been a game changer. They have a range of colors that I'm impressed by, and it feels like nothing is one. It helps even out my arms and legs for special occasions, and I love that it has skin care properties. This is hands down the best body makeup I have ever tried. I can't rave about it enough.

Morgan's Top Picks

Finding an affordable moisturizer for my dry skin is a challenge. However, with Skin1004 Centella Soothing Cream, my skin has transformed! I absolutely love every product they create! This moisturizer glides on smoothly and keeps my skin hydrated longer than other products I have tried. I appreciate that it also provides a barrier to help lock in moisture and fight against environmental factors.

Mascara is an essential makeup item for me. I can't leave the house without it. The Esum Mascara stays put and does not smudge throughout the day. It is also easy to remove and gives me an effortless look.

Jess's Top Picks

As a self-proclaimed hair product snob, who has frizz fa’ days, my hopes were not high for IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. Yet, here I am, 6 months later, fully HOOKED. This product has been entered into my hair-care routine, and I don’t foresee it leaving any time soon! IGK knocked this one out of the park for those of us who prefer to let our locks airdry while simultaneously giving off the impression that we worked hard for hair this good.

If you’re a sensitive skin babe who loves a good 5-minute natural look makeup routine and hates getting sunburnt - Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Tinted Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45 was created for you! My favorite “I’m late but still need to slap something on my face to not scare people in public” staple product, which I use alone just to run errands, or as a fantastic primer. My favorite part about this product is how well it tones down my redness, and is so lightweight you can’t even tell it’s on!

Camera Ready Creators Top Picks

Camera Ready Creators' Top Picks

This year, we proudly introduced our Camera Ready Creators Program and wanted to share some of their top picks, too, since they all specialize in a specific form of artistry.

Carissa St. Clair's Top Picks:  As a makeup artist that specializes in bridal I tend to gravitate towards long wearing products and neutral tones. I have tried countless products and brands over the years and I have to say my tried and true products that I will forever repurchase are the Face Atelier color adjusters, Embryolissee Lait Crème concentrate and the Make Up For Ever HD skin foundation. As a makeup artist that works on all skin tones the Face Atelier color adjusters are a godsend!! They ensure you get a PERFECT color match and can be mixed with so many different foundations!

Jurnee Gabriel's Top Picks:  If there’s one product that I know will save me in a pinch, it’s Danessa Myricks Colorfix. They’re essentially multipurpose makeup paints that can be used everywhere! I mean what product do you know that can go from color corrector, to bleached brows, lipliner, or colored mascara? The list doesn’t end! A new love for me is that Senna Cosmetics Mini SlipCover Cream to Powder Palette. These other blush palettes simply cannot compete! I have every shade on hand to mimic my clients’ natural flush. Plus the cream to powder formula is perfect for the low maintenance girlies.

Kathy O'Conner's Top Picks:  NOTHING delivers the same amount of coverage like Kryolan Professional Make-Up TV Paint Stick! An absolute staple for all of the full coverage and drag girlies! Other must-haves are Inglot AMC Gel Liner in 77 (THE blackest eyeliner on the market. The only liner that will not crease, and stays on until you scrub it off!) and Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer.

Kristen Fiori's Top Picks:  The MYKITCO On Point Sharpener is something that you don't realize you need until you have it! I now have two backups just in case I misplace it because it's that good! It's truly the best sharpener I've ever tried - perfectly sharpens pencils with precision and holds all the shavings to keep everything neat. It's pure perfection! The Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette is hands down my favorite new product this year! The palette's array of neutral shades is breathtaking, and each shade comes in both pomade and powder form. This versatile palette is usable for eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, contour, lips - you name it, the possibilities are endless!

Michael Harris's Top Picks: The Bdellium Tools Golden Triangle Brushes for Eyes 788GT is a great brush for blending concealer and getting in those nooks and crannies of the face! I do a ton of weddings and special events and sometimes those events start early in the morning, so I love using Melanie Mills Hollywood Super Lite Long Lasting Sealing Spray - it makes the make up bulletproof.

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