Rot and decay, bleeding gums, a toothless grin. Transform your mouth into a foul, repulsive creation this Halloween with these go-to products loved by SFX artists everywhere.

We surveyed our community of pro makeup artists to discover which FX teeth products they can’t (and won’t) live without. Keep reading to see which five products topped our list, learn how to use them and click the links below to easily add one (or all) to your kit.

Photo: Tiffany Kyees / Makeup: Mike Mekash and Eryn Krueger Mekash / Inspired By: Rick Baker

PPI Necessary Evil Mouth FX

These temporary tooth colors were designed to safely and effectively transform the inside of your mouth. Available in eight colors, Mouth FX contains a sweet vanilla-mint flavor that is made entirely of FDA food grade ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free.

Added bonus: it removes easily by simply brushing your teeth. Don’t use if you plan on eating or drinking immediately after application, as the product will wear off.

CRC customer Christina B. rated the product five stars, saying, “This product is easy to use and fantastic!”

Photo: Ben Nye Makeup / Makeup: Thomas Surprenant

Ben Nye Tooth Color  

Create a grotesque, long-lasting smile without staining or damaging your teeth. Apply Ben Nye Tooth Color in Black for instantly chipped teeth, or brush on Nicotine, Decay or Zombie Rot for a repulsive, realistic look. Temporarily brighten your smile with the color White.

Apply to dry teeth and allow to dry; lasts for hours! May be reapplied as needed. To remove, simply use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or brush off with toothpaste. This product is safe to use on denture material.

CRC customer Nina A. rated the product five stars, saying, “From complete blackouts to decay, whatever I need to create on set, this stuff is the best.”

Photo & Makeup: Kristan Osoria

Mehron Tooth FX  

Add the finishing touches to your grotesque look with Mehron’s Tooth FX , available in six colors. In just a few minutes, create a smoker's mouth, a gangster's gold tooth, a bloody grin, spinach in your teeth, or a chipped smile.

A little bit goes a long way with this product, and each shade comes with instructions for easy application and removal. 

CRC customer Pablo D. rated the product five stars, saying, “Amazing product. If you dry your teeth and then apply the product, it lasts a long time. I even ate after applying, LOL!”

Photo & Makeup: Craig Lindberg

EBA Venom Tooth Palette

Available in two color collections (SFX and Decay), create temporary, waterproof mouth creations that are sure to scare. The special bonding agent used in the Venom Tooth Palettes is similar to the resin used in temporary dental adhesives, providing temporary adhesion of color to the teeth that dries instantly.

All Venom tooth colors have been stain tested on regular teeth, as well as different veneers and crown materials. Color removes easily with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

CRC customer Christophe G. rated the product five stars, saying, “Very satisfied! I own several of the EBA palettes and have been a big fan of them.”

Photo & Makeup: Kryolan Professional Makeup

Kryolan Tooth Enamel

Ideal for theatrical and SFX makeup, Kryolan Tooth Enamel is a go-to when creating rotten teeth, a toothless smile, a zombie-esque grin and many other looks. Available in four colors, each bottle comes with a brush for easy application.

Thoroughly dry the tooth before application, and let it dry before closing your mouth. This product is easily removed with toothpaste or alcohol.

CRC customer Sandra A. rated the product five stars, saying, “Just what I needed. Easy to apply and lasts a very long time!”

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  1. PPI Mouth FX
  2. Ben Nye Tooth Color
  3. Mehron Tooth FX
  4. European Body Art Venom Tooth Palette
  5. Kryolan Tooth Enamel

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