As makeup artists, we appreciate the beauty, creativity and artistry behind tattoos. But concealing them? That’s an art all on its own!

Whether you’re covering tattoos for a bride’s big day or transforming a client’s body into a tattoo-less character for film, tv or modeling – tattoo cover ups take time, lots of practice, and high-quality makeup. 

We surveyed our network of professional makeup artists to discover the tried-and-true products that get the job done. If you’re in the market for easy, flawless tattoo coverage makeup, these pro-approved products are the best place to start!


Gary Parson, Kim Dawson Agency - Dallas, TX

“[Once I've applied color for coverage,] I stipple from a  Ben Nye Essential HD Matte Foundation Palette to mimic skin tone and texture. I also use a dab of matte powder or cream blush and/or bronzer to replicate the color of the skin in a more realistic way."


Pauline Griffiths-Gough, Former MUA - Chester, United Kingdom

“When I was still doing makeup, I only ever used Cinema Secrets Foundation for tattoo coverage. It also doubled as flawless coverage for the face. I had clients come in with bad acne, saying nothing had ever covered their problem areas like that foundation did.”


Mary Erickson, Former MUA & Owner of Camera Ready Cosmetics

The Vision Cream Cover is an all-in-one foundation & concealer that covers everything from hyper-pigmentation, discoloration and yes, tattoos. It’s formulated with texture minimizing properties to create perfect complexion on camera and HD film.”


Chris Milone, Christopher Milone Makeup - New York City

I use EBA Airbrush for most large tattoo coverage. I barely need to color correct first because it's so opaque. It leaves a matte finish and holds up well on a long day of shooting.”

Mandy Danielle Benton, TV and Film Makeup Artist - Dallas, TX

“To knock out the tattoo, first use the Coral Adjustor mixed with their skin tone from EBA Endura, then go over it with their skin tone color. Because of the highly-pigmented, alcohol-based formula, Endura has just the right amount of skin-like sheen and won’t transfer. Plus, I love EBA's skin tone colors! For darker skin, you often just need to use the skin tone match without mixing an adjustor.”

Elizabeth Rist, Elizabeth Rist Makeup Artistry - Dallas, TX

“My go-to for skin-like coverage is EBA’s alcohol-based Endura Airbrush line. It offers great coverage and doesn’t fade or transfer.”


Mary Erickson, Former MUA & Owner of Camera Ready Cosmetics

“The Blue Neutralizer is easy to use and works like magic to cover dark tattoos. The entire Joe Blasco Tattoo Cover collection features a variety of shades, each named after the pigmentation it corrects. They also double as high-pigment, concentrated concealers that hide rosacea, acne and other skin conditions.”


Doria Miyata-Murphy, Doria Murphy Makeup - Boston Massachusetts

“My go-to in general is Kryolan Dermacolor. It offers enough coverage to completely camouflage a tattoo without compromising the final desired effect -- the appearance of real, healthy skin!”


Brandy Page, Brandy Page Makeup Artistry - Richmond, VA

“I love the Tattoo Covering Wheel because of the array of colors you can mix and match to get the perfect skin tone for your client. The creamy, waterproof formula covers even the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and skin discolorations. And because it doesn't budge, it's also amazing for weddings!”


Missy Nyberg, Forbidden Makeup

“Over the years, I’ve relied on the Flesh Tone Palette for tattoo coverage. I love that Reel Creations has the best color match of flesh tones than any other product. It’s always in my set bag. I set the makeup with RCMA No Color Powder, then spray twice with Reel Creations Blue Aqua Sealer.”


Trevor Thompson, Trevor Thompson Makeup - Louisville, KY

“For quick, durable on-set tattoo coverage, I use the Skin Illustrator Flesh Tone Palette with a splatter brush to lay down a nice base-color, and then I go in with several different adjuster tones from the Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette to break up the coverage and blend out the edges. These are my tried and true go-to's because they're highly pigmented, last all day on-set and look phenomenal on camera!”

Kat DeJesus, Kat D Makeup - Denver, CO

“I love the Skin Illustrator On Set Palette. I use it for color correction before applying airbrush on top. I also use it to fleck the skin for a natural finish afterward. Being able to work in sheer layers and not have to worry about it moving all day makes this palette ideal for anything on location or when it needs to be completely waterproof.”

Elizabeth Rist, Elizabeth Rist Makeup Artistry - Dallas, TX

“The On Set Flesh Tone Palette is one of my top products for tattoo coverage. It makes neutralizing easy, while offering great cover. It won’t melt with body heat or transfer. Great for everything from bridal to film!”

Shop these tattoo cover up favorites and more online and in-store at Camera Ready Cosmetics. Discounts apply for pro artist members.

Which professional makeup products do you rely on for tattoo cover up? Let us know in the comments below!

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