As professional makeup artists, we know there are countless, often unpublicized, non-makeup products that support our work. Without these holy grail kit staples we couldn’t do our jobs. Well, we probably could…but it would be an added, unnecessary level of challenge.

Since no two kits are alike, we asked YOU which non-makeup beauty essentials you relied on for flawless, effortless makeup application.

From breath mints and phone chargers to fragrance sprays and can't-live-without tools, discover the non-makeup beauty essentials found inside every pro artist kit.

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter

Image: BECCA Cosmetics
Scott Barnes Body Bling

Image: Scott Barnes
Embryolisse Miracle Cream 

Image: Embryolisse


Erica Ages, Georgia Makeup Artist
“The BECCA Backlight Priming Filter is a staple in my kit because I can use it with a wide range of skin tones. It is great on skin by itself, but you can also use it under, mixed with, or on top of foundation to give a soft skin-like glow.”

Gia McCloud, Dallas Makeup Artist
“I have been using Ben Nye Final Seal for years on my clients, especially in the hot and humid summer weather. A few sprays will leave my applications locked in all day. This matte finishing spray also provides an awesome waterproof coat on eyeshadow looks, too!”

Doris Torres-Collins, Florida Makeup Artist
“Scott Barnes has been a staple in my pro kit for years, with his original launch years ago. Body Bling is my go-to when I work with models and fashion shows. Scott Barnes has been a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration, so it's great to have products I can use that are professional grade and red carpet ready!”

Ana Sanchez-Burdette, Dallas Makeup Artist
“Aside from actually training with Maurice Stein (the creator of Cinema Secrets), I love how smooth Cinema Secrets Primer makes foundation and/or correctors glide on. My applications are seamless and blend well. No “pooling” into the pores. It’s great for HD work.”

Ruth M., Canadian Makeup Artist
“I keep Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil in my kit because it makes everyone look like they have a flawless, glowing complexion, regardless of age or skin type. It absorbs and hydrates skin without an oily feel. It also mixes with foundation and moisturizer perfectly, particularly the Vision Cream Cover. The glow is natural, never overdone.”

Samantha Navarro, Maryland Makeup Artist
Embryolisse Lait Crème is an absolute kit essential! Absorbs quickly, but provides a glowing, moisturized finish to the skin. Great for nearly all skin types and textures!”

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard wearing Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Eye Gels

Image: Skyn Iceland
Mehron Barrier Spray

Image: Mehron Cosmetics
Patchology Sheet Masks

Image: Patchology

Katelynn Stuckey, Southern California Makeup Artist

Mehron Barrier Spray never leaves my kit because it not only creates a water proof/sweat proof barrier, but also is such a versatile product. I sometimes will mix with pigment to create a budge proof look. Weather it’s bridal makeup or special effects, it’s a must have!”

Laura Cotterill, United Kingdom Makeup Artist

“Sheet masks are my go-to product for hydration in my makeup kit. I love using masks that contain vitamin C for the ultimate skin drink to boost energy and hydration. Masks help hydrate before makeup application, and teamed with eye sheets, everything just looks flawless!”

Keisha Kerr, Canadian Makeup Artist

“Skyn Iceland’s cooling eye patches [are a must-have], and they double as shadow shields.

Heather Hawkins, North Carolina Makeup Artist

“Sunscreen is ALWAYS a staple in my kit. It not only gives protection to keep all the bad UVs away, but it also can act as a primer, a moisturizer and give a youthful glow - depending on the sunscreen. I love multi-purpose products! Saves space & weight when carrying a mobile salon!”

Conture Hair Remover

Image: Conture
Paw Palette In Action

Image: Dani Rivera MUA
Temptu Air PRO

Image: Temptu


Candice Ennis, Virginia Makeup Artist

“Color theory is a necessary fundamental for any make-up artist. It’s an essential technique when understood, but can be a challenge to master. I always keep a color wheel in my kit for custom undertone foundation mixing and creative body art color designs.”

Gayla Gastler, Chicago Makeup Artist

“[I always have] a small battery-operated facial trimmer to remove facial fuzz.”

Naomi Blakeslee, California Makeup Artist

"I use BeautyBlenders for a few reasons: 1) A damp beauty blender gives me a flawless dewy finish. 2) They make it easier to reach awkward areas that many brushes can’t reach, like around the nose and around the eyes. 3) Many people believe BeautyBlenders are for application only, however, they work just as good for removing makeup!"

Kirsty Smit-Wingfield, Virginia Makeup Artist

“I love the Paw Palettes! They are so unique, keep my kit looking neat and my products clean.”

Amber Preston, Ohio Makeup Artist

“I’m OBSESSED with the Temptu Airbrush Compressor for so many reasons: 1) It’s lightweight & compact, saving room in my kit. 2) It’s cordless! You won’t always have an outlet in the space you’re working. 3) Long battery life! It’s quiet, but mighty spraying capabilities include three different speed settings. It truly is the best compressor I’ve ever tried, and I’ve gone through many in my career.”

Julie Fischer, Philadelphia Makeup Artist

“Vueset has become invaluable in my kit. They help condense my products, and I can easily see what I have with their space-saving, transparent design. Since starting to use Vueset cases, I feel I work more quickly and efficiently on the job. I use them for necessities such as lipsticks, false eyelashes, prep products, disposables and more!”

The Smithfolio Brush Case

Image: Smith Cosmetics
The Makeup Light In Action

Image: Hanna Claire Linder MUA
Tuscany Pro Makeup Chair

Image: Tuscany Pro Chairs


Estrella Lopez, Miami Makeup Artist

“[I prefer using a] brushfolio to keep my brushes organized and easily accessible.”

Glynnis Garcia, Nashville Makeup Artist

The Makeup Light is the only light anyone needs for makeup. I weigh 95 lbs. Do you really seeing me lugging a hair kit, a makeup kit, AND a ring light?! Heck no. I can attach it on a mirror, curtains, the tripod, on a chair, anywhere! TML all the way.”

Dana Hall, New York Makeup Artist

Many times I would go on location, and there wasn’t a chair high enough. I would have to bend over, squat, or put myself in very awkward positions to work on a client's face. Now, no matter where I go for a makeup job, my Tuscany Pro Makeup Chair comes with me. The attached strap allows me to carry it on my shoulder, and off I go!”

Jessi Pagel, Texas Makeup Artist

The Zuca Sport Artist Rolling Kit is my absolute favorite for multiple reasons: 

1) I can alternate from each job to have exactly what I need when I need it. 

2) The organizational options are endless!

3) It travels with ease and is so portable!

For celebrity makeup/hair jobs, I like the Zuca Artist Backpack. It has the ability to serve as a hair kit alone.  An additional bonus is that it fits right on top of the rolling Zuca or you can wear it as a backpack.”

Jilladair Carlson, Missouri Makeup Artist

“Everybody is going through something. Getting your makeup done whether for a film, commercial or wedding can be stressful for clients, which can make my job more difficult. When someone sits in my chair, they get a "Soul" package to soothe their soul. 

My Soul Kits include:

1) Hershey Kisses (Who doesn't need a kiss?)
2) Lifesaver Mints (We all feel better with fresh breath.)
3) A tea bag 
4) An instant latte packet
5) A protein bar
6) An empty paper cup (They can drop all of their woes.)

It never fails to put a smile on my client’s face, which helps them relax so we can both enjoy the ride.”

Crazy Merman Brush Soap 

Image: Crazy Merman
Sigma Beauty Eye Primers 

Image: Sigma Beauty
Inglot Duraline

Image: Inglot Cosmetics


Pam Jean, Kentucky Makeup Artist

Aromatherapy: “As a makeup artist I began using essential oils to help me when working. They provide a sense of calm and focus that is crucial to provide my clients with an energetic, balanced, yet calm experience. Take your bride from frazzled to dazzled with a travel diffuser, roller baller, neck wrap for the therapeutic benefits to elevate their bridal beauty experience.”

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Brush Cleaner: Crazy Merman's handmade brush soaps begin with a cruelty-free, vegan base of natural ingredients and essential oils. Their fusion of coconut and olive oil removes makeup from natural and synthetic brushes, leaving them luxuriously soft, clean and conditioned. Because of their lack of harsh chemicals, Crazy Merman soaps are also perfect for cleaning beauty sponges and other tools.

Eloise Reed, United Kingdom Makeup Artist

A Diary: “[Helps me] know exactly when and where my next client will be, and I can easily see where I have free time to book new clients.”

Cameron Carson, Virginia Makeup Artist

Duraline by Inglot: “A must-have for mixing into eyeshadows! Duraline helps with smudging liner on clients with hooded lids who have trouble with excessive creasing. Delivers no-crease, all-day wear!”

Glynn Renee Bryant, New York Makeup Artist

Phone Charger: “I’ve been on jobs where no one has a phone charger, so I carry an industrial size USB charging box for up to six phones at a time. I also carry an all-natural bug repellent. Some makeup trailers I’ve worked in have mosquitos. Basically, I try to be a walking CVS.”

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Primer: The Smashbox Photo Finish 24-hr Shadow Primer keeps shadow in place, not all over your face for 24 hours. It’s a fade-proof, sheer, colorless formula that intensifies color and finish to ensure your eye looks survive workouts, nights out and big days.

Felicia Yvette, Maryland Makeup Artist

Magnifying Glass: “Sam Fine or Lottie Tomlinson (one of them!) taught me to keep a magnifying glass [in my kit] so I can always see those tiny little details, especially for beauty work.”

Tracy Saunders, Seattle Makeup Artist

Nail Polish: “Always carry nail polish. I’m surprised at how many clients’ nails look terrible!”

Janet Richardson, International Makeup Artist

Spatulas: “I must have my Graftobian Spatula! I use it for so many things, especially to scrape foundation to prevent cross contamination.”

Philip B. Jet Set Hairspray

Image: Philip B. Botanicals
Winky Lux Matcha Blotting Paper

Image: Sigma Beauty
Bioderma Micellar Water

Image: Bioderma USA


See more of the most mentioned kit essentials every artist uses:

  • 99% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baby Wipes
  • Bandaids
  • Basic Hair Styling Tools
  • Battery-powered Fan
  • Bobby Pins
  • Brow Blade
  • Business Cards
  • Cotton Pads
  • Cough Drops
  • Deodorant
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Eye Drops
  • Extension Cord
  • Facial Roller
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gum or Mints
  • Hand Towels
  • Lint Roller
  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • Palette Knives
  • Palette Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Protein Power Bars
  • Q-tips
  • Razor
  • Rose Water
  • Safety Pins
  • Sewing Kit
  • Straws
  • Tampons
  • Tissues
  • Tylenol


Francia Cohen, Special Effects Makeup Artist

“Always have a clean kit!! Clean brushes. Clean makeup. Clean tools. Clean hands. Clean everything!”

Which non-makeup beauty favorites do you keep stocked in your kit? Comment below! 

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Camera Ready Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by Makeup Artist Mary Erickson. She dreamed of having a pro makeup showroom where artists could play with professional products without the typical makeup store attitude.

Today, our team of beauty industry veterans work together to curate the best quality products on the market. We partner with brands who respect the industry and formulate products for true working artists.

You won’t find CRC in high-end malls, and we don't wear matching brush belts. If you want to play with products for a few hours and buy nothing, that's okay...come in and play! Our store is your playground.

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