Calling all professional makeup artists, students and beauty lovers! Camera Ready Cosmetics is excited to announce the launch of theCREW Rewards Program - a place for our loyal beauty buyers to earn rewards for shopping our site.

Below we’ve answered a few questions and explained exactly how theCREW works.

What is theCREW, and how does it work?

theCREW is a FREE rewards program made specifically for our loyal and fabulous customers! We currently offer three tier options: theINSIDER, theVIP and theELITE. As you shop our site, you’ll earn points towards discounts and other offers.

theINSIDER: Our first tier is for beauty lovers on a budget, who spend less than $250 per year on Camera Ready products. Earn double the points for every dollar you spend, receive special birthday discounts and earn points during seasonal promotions and limited-time offers.

theVIP: For beauty lovers who spend between $250 - $699 per year on Camera Ready products, you’ll gain entry into theVIP tier, which offers everything from theINSIDER + a $25 off tier entry discount. *

theELITE: For beauty lovers who spend between $700+ per year on Camera Ready products, you’ll gain entry into theELITE tier, which offers everything from theINSIDER and theVIP + $70 off tier entry discount. *

  • The tier entry discount is awarded once per calendar year when a member qualifies for theVIP or theELITE tiers.

We also offer a Pro Artist rewards program for professional MUA.

Pro Artists: Receive up to 40% off many of our product lines (in-store and online), no matter how much you spend. Shop for everything you need in one place while earning points! You’ll get opportunities to double your points and earn special points during seasonal promotions and limited-time offers. Find out if you’re eligible here.

How do I earn CREW points?

Receive points for every dollar spent both online and in-store.

You can also earn points for the following:

1000 Points: Referring a Friend
(Referrals must place an order before points are credited to your account.)

100 Points: Writing Reviews
(For any products purchased on our website)

50 Points = Follow Us
(On social media)

50 Points = Share Us
(On social media)

What is CREW Cash?

When you’re ready for new products, you can convert CREW points into CREW cash to use towards a purchase. You must have a minimum of 500 points to begin using CREW cash in-store and online.

Here is a breakdown of the Points-to-Cash conversion:

500 Points = $5

1000 Points = $10

2500 Points = $25

7500 Points = $75


Can I spend CREW cash in-store?

YES! Come to our Dallas showroom anytime to play with products and make purchases using your CREW cash.

What happens to my CREW cash if I return items?

We do not refund CREW cash on items you return.

What happens to my CREW cash if my order is canceled?

If an order is canceled, we’ll credit CREW points to your account in the amount of the CREW cash you spent on that order. For partial order cancellations, we’ll credit points back in the amount of the CREW cash spent on the item(s).

Refunded CREW points can later be converted into CREW cash for future purchases.

Can I rollover unused CREW points from a previous year?

Your CREW points are yours, whenever you want to use them. We don’t expire CREW points.

There you have it, beauty enthusiasts!

Join theCREW and instantly earn 200 points + discounts, promotions and points towards awesome products. (We’ll even send you a special gift for your birthday! )

For questions regarding theCREW or any of the products we carry, email our customer support team at

About Camera Ready Cosmetics

Camera Ready Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by Makeup Artist Mary Erickson. Having been in the makeup artist industry for 30+ years, Mary knows quality and value and understands what an artist needs. Mary is the buyer for Camera Ready Cosmetics, and chooses only what she would use on set.

If you don’t find the product you’re looking for at Camera Ready Cosmetics, that’s because we have something better. Just ask us!

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