Developing Your Drag Queen Character, Part 1: By Dallas Sheraton (aka Pro MUA Michael Moran)


Before you pick up that first pair of lashes or buy that first wig, do yourself a favor by doing your homework! Part of that homework is reading blogs from an experienced and beautiful Drag Queen like myself. The other part of your homework is locking eyes on everything that inspires you.

Search the world of art, fashion, makeup, beauty, and of course, Drag. Who knows? Your inspiration may be something of a more intellectual nature and your Drag style may have something poignant to say. Whichever the case may be, know thyself.

Flesh out who this person that you are portraying truly is. What does she wear? How does she sound? How does she move? What perfume does she wear? What is her diet like? How does she vote? Is she single or married? Where does she shop? What kind of house does she live in? Is she even from this planet?

Come up with as many questions as you can, and answer them specifically so that you can start to imagine your alter ego. This will help when you begin to assemble all of the parts and pieces it takes to create a new you! I say “a new you" because Drag is always an extension of ourselves and an expression of something we are trying to say, or perhaps something we wish to paint our reality with.

My character is a reflection of many women in my life who inspired me by their angelic beauty and devilish nature. The complexity of women is their power and ability to command everyone’s attention by simply walking into a room. I wanted to know what that was like, and you know what? I do!

When I first started doing Drag, I was 22 years old. I walked into a nightclub in Savannah, Georgia and saw my very first Drag Queen, Felicia Adams. I had never seen a female impersonator before, and Felicia - as far as I knew at that moment -was simply a blonde bombshell in a bugle beaded gown. I had no idea the smokey-eyed siren hosting the party was actually a man under the makeup.

Little was I also aware, Felicia would soon become my mentor and best friend. In the community of Drag, we often refer to our mentors as Drag Mother. In the age of YouTube, too many newcomers feel it is sufficient to receive training from the screen of their iPhone. I can tell you from personal experience that no YouTube or social media video can replace the relationship of having a Drag Mother.

My “Momma”, as I would call her, taught me more than how to put on my makeup and walk in a pair of heels. She helped me navigate the toughest decisions of my life at a time when I was wrestling with my identity and where my place was in this world. She turned me away from shame and instead shared her spotlight with me. She introduced me to Captain and Diet Coke, the drink of choice for keeping our girlish figures, and showed me the stride and strut of a confident, sexy woman. She held my hair when I puked, caught my tears when I cried, and kicked my ass when I was feeling sorry for myself. We shared countless shows, laughter-filled moments in the dressing room, road trips, hangover food, and secrets we could tell no one else. Felicia was my confidant and my dearest friend. I was fortunate to know her before she left this world on August 22, 2015.

So I guess what I’m saying is, find a Drag Mother....and if you’re’ll find a best friend as a result. Drag is not just looking like a woman. It’s an expression of yourself; It’s an extension of everything inside you that needs a chance to shine. Don’t waste a single second, kiddos, to share your shine with the world.

* This article was written by Michael Moran (a.k.a. Drag Superstar Dallas Sheraton)


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