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Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills - Omnia x MMH Angled Foundation Brush (MM01)

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The angle of this brush is perfect for face & body for precisely applying gleam, moisturizer, primer, liquid & cream makeup and body makeup seamlessly. Holds a lot of product. This angled foundation brush has Omnilux™ filaments for perfect pickup and release and the exclusive cranberry metallic hue makes it a standout in any collection!

This collaboration was natural for Melanie and the Royal team. Melanie has been a longtime fan of the Omnia brushes for her personal use and onset. 

This brush is sleek and sexy! Handcrafted with quality and care. Showcasing our custom electric cranberry shade and is perfect to add to your collection. The slanted head allows for precise application of your favorite Gleam product for face or body. 

Great for foundation application, cream blush, concealers, moisturizers and liquid contour and of course Gleam Face & Body Radiance’s. OMNIA® X MMH represents the next generation of modern, luxurious makeup brushes.

  • Synthetic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free