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  • Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design) - PA-151 Powder Brush | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 2
  • Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design) - RB-152 Professional | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 3
  • Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design) - RB-153 Touch-Up Brush | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 4
  • Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design) - RB-154 Angle Rough Brush | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 5
  • Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design) - RB-155 Contour Shader | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 6

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Rouge (New Design)


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PA-151 Powder Brush
RB-152 Professional
RB-153 Touch-Up Brush
RB-154 Angle Rough Brush
RB-155 Contour Shader

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Ben Nye Rouge Brushes come in 5 different shapes to color and contour your complexion! Made with goat hair bristles for soft blending and sturdy, slim handles.

**Please Note: CRC Makeup takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of the product's color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings. Actual product color may vary.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is one of the largest authorized dealers of Ben Nye in the USA!

Available Brushes:

  • Powder Brush (PA-151 / Goat) - Luxurious size deftly adds powder or gently removes excess without disturbing makeup
  • Professional (RB-152 / Goat) - Generous, full shape provides quick application of powders to face and body
  • Touch-Up (RB-153 / Goat) - Beveled shape for precise powder application, especially useful around eye area
  • Angle Shader (RB-154 / Goat) - Flat-topped, angled shape is great for precise application of powders and rouge
  • Contour Shader (RB-155 / Goat) - Tapered shape provides precise application of pressed contours and shimmer powders


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