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Ben Nye Master Production Film Kit (FK-1)


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Ben Nye's Master Production Makeup Kit provides unparalleled selection for any film or theatrical production! With tools for enhancing natural beauty as well as creating special effects, this kit combines quality with value!

Kit Includes:

  • Warm Sand Matte HD Foundation (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Cine Light Beige Matte HD Foundation (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Bamboo 1 Matte HD Foundation (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Soft Caramel Matte HD Foundation (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Mojave Bronze Matte HD Foundation (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Natural Lite Creme Highlight (0.25oz)
  • Dark Brown Creme Shadow (0.25oz / 7gm.)
  • Sandy Rose Creme Rouge (0.25oz / 7gm.)
  • Light Brown Highlight (0.25oz)
  • Creme Cover All-Blemish Wheel (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Santa Fe Eye Shadow (0.12oz / 3.5gm)
  • Dark Brown Eye Shadow (0.12oz / 3.5gm)
  • Dusty Pink Powder Rouge (0.12oz / 3.5gm)
  • Black Cake Eye Liner (0.7oz / 2gm.)
  • Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil
  • Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil
  • Neutral Set Colorless Powder (1.75oz / 49gm.)
  • Spice Lip Colour Pencil
  • Natural Lip Color (0.3oz / 8.5gm)
  • Bruise & Abrasions Wheel (0.5oz / 14gm.)
  • Stage Blood (1floz.)
  • Spirit Gum (0.25floz)
  • Spirit Gum Remover (1floz.)
  • Silver Grey Liquid Hair Color (1floz.)
  • Professional Rouge Brush
  • No.2 Flat Brush (FB-2)
  • No.5 Flat Brush (FB-5)
  • No.7 Flat Brush (FB-7)
  • No.1 Round Brush (RS-1)
  • Eyebrow Lash Comb (EC-1)
  • Fine Nylon Stipple Sponge (2)
  • Synthetic Foam Sponge
  • Velour Powder Puff, Single Lot
  • Swab Tip Applicator (10 pk)
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