Stan Winston Studio

Stan Winston Studios | Building Miniatures Small-Scale Model Making




Learn to build scale models with Academy Award-winning miniature effects supervisor, Ian Hunter (The Dark Knight, Inception, Blade Runner).

In PART ONE of this epic webcourse series, Hunter takes you through the first steps for building a miniature city set for a Tokusatsu-style Giant Monster movie.

In PART TWO of his comprehensive small-scale model making webcourse series, Hunter shows you how to design, construct, detail and destroy breakaway buildings and miniatures with a variety of pyrotechnic special effects.

In PART THREE of his in-depth model making webcourse series, Hunter teaches you how to create breakable miniatures, including windows, tanks, subway trains, billboards, roadways and more.

In PART FOUR of his model making webcourse saga, Hunter shows you how to put the finishing touches on your miniature metropolis, including laser cutting windows, illuminating street lamps, and creating tiny trees and topography.

In PART FIVE of his model making webcourse series, Hunter concludes with insider tips on painting, assembly, miniature set-dressing and finally, rehearsing your Kaiju and camera moves in preparation for filming.

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