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Cozzette Lip Synergy

Select a Color
Jaylene (Lip Synergy)
Jessy (Lip Synergy)
Keica (Lip Synergy)
Lijha (Lip Synergy)
Liza (Lip Synergy)
Madison (Lip Synergy)
Miyake (Lip Synergy)
Rose (Lip Synergy)
Selena (Lip Synergy)
Sofiia (Lip Synergy)
Tanya (Lip Synergy)
Theresa (Lip Synergy)




Cozzette Lip Synergy - Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

Lip Synergy aligns with the divine female energy in all its forms. The extended wear formula feels comfortable on the lips or eyes with a velvet finish. All the color names honor special women that have been a constant source of inspiration to the Cozzette co-creative process. The durable cream formula produces a smooth soft second skin in colors ranging from natural to bold color.

Aroma: Sweet Vanilla Amber

Size: 6ml

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