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Stan Winston Studios | How to Build a Hand & Rod Puppet




In PART ONE of his 3-Part “How to Build a Hand & Rod Puppet” webcourse series, BJ Guyer (THE MUPPETS, CRANK YANKERS, GLEE) teaches you how to create the “foundation” for your puppets. From design & planning, to mouth plates & arm rods, Guyer shows you everything you need to know to get your hand puppet projects off to a great start.

In PART TWO, BJ Guyer shows you how to flesh out your puppet understructures using a wide variety of foam fabrication, patterning and sewing techniques -- including creating head shapes, body forms, hands, ears and more!

In PART THREE, BJ Guyer teaches you how to finish your hand puppets with character and style. From stitching & final glue down to creating facial features and wardrobe, Guyer will give you the tools and techniques you need to let your unique creativity shine through your puppet creations.

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