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L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl Lipliner Pencil

Select a Color
Cherry (GP502)
Nutmeg (GP505)
Sexy Red (GP513)
Pink Fleur (GP525)
Soft Sienna (GP544)
Currant (GP545)
Golden (GP556)
Auburn (GP518)
Black (GP520)
Brick (GP539)
Burgundy (GP510)
Cabaret (GP537)
Cafe (GP543)
Cappuccino (GP531)
Chestnut (GP550)
Chocolate (GP528)
Cocoa (GP542)
Coffee (GP547)
Cola (GP536)
Coral (GP552)
Dark Brown (GP507)
Dark Peach (GP516)
Dark Purple (GP535)
Deepest Brown (GP521)
Deepest Purple (GP515)
Eggplant (GP529)
Espresso (GP553)
Forever (GP554)
Forever Red (GP506)
Hazelnut (GP532)
Maroon (GP546)
Mauve (GP549)
Natural (GP512)
Natural Creme (GP538)
Party Pink (GP533)
Pecan (GP548)
Perfect Brown (GP514)
Plum (GP541)
Raspberry (GP551)
Rose (GP555)
Sable (GP509)
Smooth Plum (GP511)
Spice (GP501)
Terra Cotta (GP540)
Viola (GP534)




Get great lip definition with our lipliner pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, you will have the variety you desire all year round.

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