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Lit Cosmetics

Lit Cosmetics Glitter

Select a Color
ABBA (Shimmer)
Afternoon Delight (Shimmer)
Back in Black (Solid)
Barbie Shops (Shimmer)
Barstar (Holographic)
Beach Baby (Solid)
Black Magic Woman (Solid)
Boogie Wonderland (Solid)
Carrot Head (Solid)
Cayman (Solid)
Champagne Wishes (Solid)
Cher (Holographic)
Creamy Caramel (Solid)
Cowgirl (Solid)
Deja Vu (Solid)
Delta Dawn (Solid)
Disco Diva (Holographic)
Dreamsicle (Solid)
Elton John (Solid)
Farrah (Solid)
Festive (Solid)
Glittergasm (Holographic)
Marilin Monroe (Solid)
Mother Earth (Solid)
Oprah (Solid)
Rhinestone Cowboy (Holographic)
Rich and Famous (Holographic)
Superfly (Holographic)
Theodora (Solid)
Tinsel Town (Solid)


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Lit Cosmetics Glitter is a loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter which casts maximum light reflection. Add a glitter to your shadow, liners, lipstick, eyebrows, blush, body lotions, hair spray, nail polish, love letter, or whatever your heart desires!

Holographic: Solid Glitter that reflects all primary colors Shimmer: Translucent glitter that reflects rainbow halo Solid: Solid color with no multi-color reflection

  • ABBA (Shimmer): Hint of Pink with Yellow Stars
  • Back in Black (Solid): Solid Black
  • Barbie Shops (Shimmer): Clear multi Rainbow
  • Beach Baby (Solid): Light Beige Gold
  • Black Magic Woman (Solid): Brown based Purple
  • Boogie Wonderland (Solid): Light Purple with Rainbow halo
  • Champagne Wishes (Solid): A sandy Gold with rainbow bubbles
  • Cher (Holographic): Silver with multi-colors
  • Disco Diva (Holographic): Bright Purple
  • Dreamsicle (Solid): Coral Pink with Orange star bursts
  • Festive (Solid): Golds, Cranberries, and Pinks.
  • Glittergasm (Holographic): Multi-Colored Fuchsia
  • Marilin Monroe (Solid): Bright Silver
  • Mother Earth (Solid): Bright Turquoise with Neon Green
  • Oprah (Solid): Peach based Copper
  • Rhinestone Cowboy (Holographic): Multi colored Brown
  • Rich &  Famous (Holographic): Multi colored Copper
  • Superfly (Holographic): Black with amazing accents
  • Theodora (Solid): Gold, Purple with Green and Yellow sparks
  • Tinsel Town (Solid): Silver with multi-rainbow reflections.
All of the Lit Glitters are Size #2 = Small Cut (.004x.004)

Polyethylene Terephthalate CAS-No 25038-59-9 Acrylates Copolymer CAS-No 9010-88-2 Surface Binder CAS-No 125826-44-0 Polyurethane 33 Polyethylene Naphthalate CAS-No 25853-85-4 Polymethyl Methacrylate CAS-No 9011-14-7 Acrylic Resin Melamine Resin Aluminum CAS-No 7429-90-5 CI 77000 

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