Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara Black

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Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Extravagant intensifies eyes with dramatic impact that attracts attention from afar and shows precise and defined lashes up close.  This waterproof mascara provides instantaneous results with a long-lasting hold. Its "ergo-conic" brush allows for ultra-precise, intuitive application. Generously coated with just the right amount of mascara, the brush’s soft fibers lift each lash individually. The clump-free texture glides on easily, wrapping and coating the lashes for spectacular volume and length. Lashes fan out, dramatic and defined, from root to tip.

Size: 7ml

1. Wipe off excess product at the tip of the brush with a tissue or on the edge of the neck of the tube.

2. To optimize the volume of the lashes and the intensity of the eyes, apply the mascara to the top side and the bottom side of the lashes.

3. Use the width of the brush to apply the mascara from the root to the tip of the lashes, and use the fine tip of the brush for the hard-to-reach areas (short lashes, inner and outer corners, etc.).

4. Apply the mascara in a back-and-forth, left-to-right motion to optimize the volume effect.

5. To remove the product, use a special waterproof eye makeup remover (Sens’Eyes).

For very straight lashes, use a lash curler before applying the mascara.
Use the fine tip of the brush to apply mascara to the shortest lashes or those that are difficult to reach.
To boost the volume effect, apply mascara in successive coats (2 to 3 coats) without waiting for it to dry to avoid clumping.
To widen the eyes and achieve a "doe-eyed" effect, apply the mascara only to the outer corner of each eye.
For an ultra-voluminous effect, apply a coat of Lash Fiber before the mascara.
Add a touch of originality to the lashes by applying Star Lit Powder, Diamond Powder or Glitter to the tips using a moistened spiral Eyelash Brush.
To avoid marking the eyelid during application, place a tissue under the lashes and remove it when the mascara is dry.
Apply a base layer of mascara before applying false eyelashes. This will curve the natural lashes so that they conform perfectly to the shape of the false lashes.