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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencils

 (USA Only)

Select a Color
100 Whatever Black
102 All Over Grey
104 All Around White
200 Endless Blue
202 Total Midnight
204 Boundless Blue
206 Blue Anyway
208 Unlimited Blue
300 Absolute Emerald
500 Boundless Bisque
502 Infinite Sand
506 Endless Cacao
508 Total Taupe
600 Anywhere Caffeine
602 Completely Sepia
604 Up & Down Tan
606 Whatever Walnut
608 Limitless Brown
610 Versatile Chestnut
612 Dimensional Dark Brown
700 Whichever Coral
702 Any Tangerine
706 Full Scale Rust
708 Universal Earth
710 Perpetual Fire
712 Either Cherry
714 Full Red
716 Countless Crimson
718 Free Burgundy
800 Lava and So On
802 Fuchsia Etc
804 No Boundaries Blush
806 Go Ahead Pink
808 Boundless Berry
812 Multi Pink
900 All Over Magenta
902 Versatile Violet
904 Worldly Mauve
906 Endless Plum



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Draw endless makeup creations with the pencil that does it all*. With ARTIST COLOR PENCIL, one pencil is all you need as it can be used on brows, eyes, cheeks, lip line or all over the face. With the range of 39 multi-use matte pencils, Create trendy graphic look with its precise tip that allows you to draw thin lines and dots, or get a smoky one thanks to its easy blending formula. 

Whether it is a single color for a monochromatic look or different shades for a multicolored one, this pencil can be used to create a wide range of effects that break all established makeup rules. ARTIST COLOR PENCIL is made with wood and has a precise tip that glides all over your face. Dots, lines, smudges, unleash your creativity and get trendy graphic looks or smoky and sultry ones – no matter where or how you want to use it, this go-to pencil does it all*.

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