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Mehron Colorset Powder

  • Mehron Colorset Powder - 1/4 oz. (135P) | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 2
  • Mehron Colorset Powder -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 1
  • Mehron Colorset Powder - 1 oz. (135) | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 3
  • Mehron Colorset Powder  | Camera Ready Cosmetics




Mehron's Colorset Setting Powder absorbs oil from cream-based makeup to set it and keep it from rubbing off. A natural translucent formula, this powder will not discolor your creme makeup creation when applied as directed. Using a powder puff, shake off excess powder and gently press into the cream makeup; avoid rubbing or buffing. When using Colorset Setting Powder over a multi-color application, apply to one color at a time to avoid transferring colors.

Size: 1 oz. (135).


Talc, Aluminum Hydroxide.

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