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Paw Palette

Paw Palette - Smooches




With lightweight, high-grade acrylic that is non-porous and an elastic strap to fit any artist's paw, the Paw Palette is a makeup artist's best friend! Wear it on your wrist, the back of your hand, or in the palm of your hand to mix and apply, then rotate it around to the back of your hand to free up your palm! Fierce stud detailing added to the end of each band.

Whether your client is an A-Lister or your little sister - proper sanitation is a code of conduct in the makeup industry that applies to all of us. Santa Monica-based makeup artist Crystal Powder understood this, but when she searched for a way to work quickly and cleanly without having to hold a palette, she didn't see what she was looking for. Her creativity won out one day when she put down her traditional palette and picked up a piece of acrylic, secured an elastic band to the backside, and strapped it onto her wrist. The result was a highly imaginative, hands-free tool which proved both charming and utterly practical.

  • Hands-Free
  • Antibacterial Surface
  • Durable
  • Won't Stain
  • Washable

    Dimension: 4 x 3

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