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Premiere Products Inc.

PPI Skin Illustrator - Glazing Gels

 (USA Only)

Select a Color
Black and Blue (Glazing Gel)
Bright Yellow (Glazing Gel)
Bruise Blue (Glazing Gel)
Bruise Green (Glazing Gel)
Bruise Red (Glazing Gel)
Bruise Yellow (Glazing Gel)
Character 1 (Glazing Gel)
Character 2 (Glazing Gel)
Clear (Glazing Gel)
Deep Purple (Glazing Gel)
Fawn (Glazing Gel)
Olive Grey (Glazing Gel)
Peach Blush (Glazing Gel)
Red 3 (Glazing Gel)
Rust (Glazing Gel)
Sable (Glazing Gel)
Sun Burn (Glazing Gel)
Tan 2 (Glazing Gel)
Ultra Blue (Glazing Gel)




The smooth, "in-skin" finish of Premiere Products Incorporated's Skin Illustrator Glazing Gel is made for television and movie work. Set apart from other bruising effects makeup, these gels are specially made for extreme closeup film work for bruise and injury effects that appear to be "in" the skin rather than on top of the skin.

This means your sunburn, freckles, shadows, illnesses and discolorations look just like the real thing! These water-based, transparent colors wear exceptionally well for the demands of high definition film and television work deliver the realistic subtlety that simply cannot be achieved with heavier cream bases.

Sold only in the contiguous USA! Ordering this item will cause your ENTIRE package to ship via Ground, regardless of your chosen shipping method at checkout. If you are ordering this product outside of the contiguous USA, the item will be removed from your order.


Size: 1fl.oz. / 30ml.

 PPI Premiere Products Inc. is an FDA approved cosmetic manufacturer. All products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free.
Since 1978, Premiere Products, Inc. has developed and marketed advanced products for the health care, hair replacement, medical, make-up and special effects industries. As chemists with world class research experience and resources, PPI knows ingredient safety and efficacy.

Emmy winning makeup artist, Vivian Baker is the featured artist in this 5 part instruction video series using Skin Illustrator Gels. She also incorporates Skin Illustrator palettes, Telesis Adhesives and Fleet Street Drying Blood and Pastes.

Deionized water, Denatured Alcohol, Acrylates/C10-30, Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Contains Various FD&C Pigments.

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