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Royal and Langnickel

Royal and Langnickel Revolution Series Eye Brush

Select a Brush
Flat Liner (BX-110)
Angle Fluff (BX-85)
Angle Liner (BX-115)
Brow Spoolie Duo (BX-135)
Combo Lash Combs (BX-140)
Detail (BX-80)
Detail Liner (BX-105)
Eye Blender (BX-66)
Eyebrow (BX-130)
Eye Crease (BX-90)
Fan Mascara (BX-145)
Large Flat Eye Fluff (BX-70)
Large Round Eye Flu (BX-65)
Large Smudger (BX-95)
Medium Fluff (BX-75)
Pencil Liner (BX-100)




The Royal and Langnickel Revolution Series is a series of 16 eye brushes. These brushes have been crafted to perfection with professional makeup artists' needs in mind. Each brush sold separately.


Available Brushes:

    • BX-65 Revolution Large Round Eye Flu: Luxurious large eyeshadow applicator and blender.
    • BX-66 Revolution Eye Blender: Multi-purpose eyeshadow contour and blender.
    • BX-70 Revolution Large Flat Eye Fluff: Professional crease/ brow-boen blender and detailed facial contouring.
    • BX-75 Revolution Medium Fluff: Professional eyeshadow buffing and finishing.
    • BX-80 Revolution Detail: Detailed eyeshadow applicaion on eyelid.
    • BX-85 Revolution Angle Fluff: Angled crease and blending of eyeshadow.
    • BX-90 Revolution Eye Crease: Professional pointed crease and corner eyeshadow application.
    • BX-95 Revolution Large Smudger: Precision eyeshadow detail
    • BX-100 Revolution Pencil Liner: Pencil point style eyeliner smudging brush for "smoky eyes".
  • BX-105 Revolution Detail Liner: Precision detail liner.
  • BX-110 Revoltion Flat Liner: Flat top deposits cream or gel eyeliner easily in a straight line.
  • BX-115 Revolution Angle Liner: Angle shape for winger eye lining with cream or gel liner.
  • BX-130 Revolution Eyebrow: Tiny, soft angle brush for drawing indicidual brow hairs.
  • BX-135 Revolution Brow/Spoolie Duo: Stiff eyebrow brush for brow powder and spoolie to groom brow.
  • BX-140 Revolution Combo Lash Combs: Spoolie to apply mascara and metal lash comb to perfectly separate lashas.
  • BX-145 Revolution Fan Mascara: Professional mascara application with grooved fan.


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