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Ben Nye

Sample of Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation

Select a Color
Almond (MH-02)
Au Lait (SA-1)
Bamboo 2 (BO-2)
Bamboo 3 (BO-3)
Bamboo 4 (BO-4)
Barely Beige (CN-002)
Bella 1 (BEL-001)
Bella 3 (BEL-003)
Bare Beige (IS-8)
Biscotte (NO-3)
Bella 4 (BEL-004)
Bella 2 (BEL-002)
Bella 10 (BEL-010)
Beige Natural 4 (BN-4)
Beige Natural 1 (BN-1)
Beige Natural 2 (BN-2)
Brown Suede (MH-14)
Brulee (NO-5)
Beige Natural 3 (BN-3)
Buff (N-3)
Blush Beige (MM-124)
Cine Fair (CE-2)
Cine Beige (CE-5)
Brazil Nut (MH-11)
Cameo (BE-1)
Chinois Medium (IS-35)
Deep Bronze (MM-573)
Cine Tan (CE-9)
Coco Sorbet (MH-10)
Chamonix (MM-507)
Clair (CN-001)
Cine Light Beige (CE-3)
Coco Souffle (MH-18)
Shinsei Ivory (SH-0)
Cine Fairest (CE-1)
Cine Light Tan (CE-7)
Dune (CN-004)
Cameo Beige (MM-108)
Espresso (SA-11)
Espresso Bean (MH-20)
Fair (N-1)
Golden Spice (MH-08)
Golden Latte (SA-2)
Golden Ebony (FT-13)
Java (SA-9)
Latte (SA-3)
Mojave Bronze (MH-12)
Mocha (SA-5)
Mocha Creme (FT-8)
Naturelle (EB-1)
Naturelle Buff (EB-6)
Natural Beige (BE-3)
Olive Beige 2 (OB-2)
Olive Beige 3 (OB-3)
Olive Beige 1 (OB-1)
Olive Tan (IS-18)
Pecan (MH-04)
Pale Biscotte (NO-1)
Pure Ivory (IS-3)
Pale Bisque (MM-104)
Praline (MH-06)
Pale Honey (MM-497)
Olive Beige 4 (OB-4)
Radiant Olive 3 (RO-3)
Radiant Olive 2 (RO-2)
Rich Olive (MM-571)
Rio Tan (MH-07)
Radiant Olive 1 (RO-1)
Radiant Olive 4 (RO-4)
Shinsei Deep (SH-4)
Shinsei Fairest (SH-1)
Special White (IS-1)
Semi-Sweet (MH-16)
Shinsei Medium (SH-3)
Silky Peach (MM-112)
Soft Caramel (NO-7)
Shinsei Fair (SH-2)
Soleil (IS-41)
Shell Pink (MM-134)
Sumatra (SA-7)
Special Light Olive 4 (SO-4)
Tan Brulee (NO-9)
True Beige (CN-003)
Tres Clair (CN-010)
Ultra (CN-0)
Vanilla Almond (MM-495)
White Velvet (IS-00)
Warm Sand Matte (BE-5)
Wheat (IS-21)
Warm Bodies Olive 1 (WO-1)




Ben Nye's HD Matte Foundation provides a versatile blend of high pigmentation and natural coloring in a light, smooth texture! Superb color selection for all skin types!

For best results, apply to areas of face as needed to even out skin tone. For a lighter coverage, apply with a moistened sponge. Blend several shades for increased color matching.

Size: Approximately 0.07oz / 2gm. All samples are non-refundable.


Octyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Cetyl Dimethicone, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba), Octyldodecanol, Ozokerite, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Paraffin, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben. May contain: Talc, Cl No. 77489, 77491, 77492, 77499, 77891, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. Parfum free.

** Please note samples are intended for 1 to 2 applications so that you may test the formula for its consistency, wear, color, and allergies.
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